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Latest Video

Nobody, Nobody
Betty Lee (Canada) March 2017
Gotta A Lot of Rhythm
Roger Neff (February, 2017)
Rugged Cross Waltz
Javier Rodriguez Gallego - September 2010
José miguel Belloque Vane (NL) & Simon Ward (AU), Feb 2017
José miguel Belloque Vane (NL) & Simon Ward (AU), Feb 2017
José miguel Belloque Vane (NL) & Simon Ward (AU), Feb 2017
José miguel Belloque Vane (NL) & Simon Ward (AU), Feb 2017
White Buffalo
Laurent Chalon (Belgium – March 2017)
Funky Sole
Robbie McGowan Hickie & Karl-Harry Winson (UK) Feb 2017
Just Let Me Cry
Roy Verdonk, (NL) & Sebastiaan Holtland, (NL). Feb 2017
Broke Up Cha Cha
Tina Chen Sue-Huei (Feb, 2017)
Shape Of You Easy
Christiane FAVILLIER – January 2017
Kau Jai Tur Lak Bur Toh
Tina Chen Sue-Huei,Taiwan (Oct,2015)
Meiske Pamaputera ( Indo ), March 2017
Worth Fighting For
Roy Verdonk (NL) & Jef Camps (BE) - February 2017
Kau Jai Tur Lak Bur Toh
Tina Chen Sue-Huei,Taiwan (Oct,2015)
Roses Are Red
Amy Yang (Taiwan) Mar. 2017
It's Gotta Be You
Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris (5th Dec 2016)
Sitting, Waiting, Wishing
Helen A. Walker, USA / UK 2016
A Road Less Traveled
Step5678 (January 2017)
After Hours Cowboy
Pat Newell - Feb 26, 2017
Ready to Get Rowdy
Jeanne Chamas – January 2017
My Tipperary Girl
Micaela Svensson Erlandsson, Swe, January 2017
Brenna Stith (Feb 2017)

Latest Video

Rock and Roll Music - Beginner
Jo Hough. Keith South Australia. February 2017
I Can Help
Karen Holtom – March 2017
A Girl From The South Side
Mark Paulino – Feb 2017
Beautiful Birds
Rob Fowler – Feb 2017
Ric Silver (USA) 76
Star of My Show
Terry McLeroy (January 2017)
Can't Take My Eyes Off You
Sally Hung, Taiwan (Feb 2017)
Only One Love
Junghye Yoon, Korea (Jan' 2017)
Over The Moon
Stephen Rutter & Claire Rutter (Nuline U.K) Feb 2017
Old and Grey - B
Anna Korsgaard, DK Feb. 2017
Be There In Your Morning
Micaela Svensson Erlandsson, January 2017
Cowboy For A Night
Alison Johnstone (Australia) David Hoyn (Australia) Ira Weisburd (USA) Pedro Machado (UK) Jan 2017
Together Forever Valentine
Betty Lee (Canada) February, 2017
Hop On Hop Off
Pete Zappulla, Heather Joffer & Kristen Gamelin (Feb 2017)
Take Me Home
Raymond Sarlemijn, Michael Sastrowitomo, Henneke van Ruitenbeek – Dec 2016
Be My Little Baby
Annette Lapp (Denmark) July 2016
Not the Only One
Christa Thomas (Feb 2015)
Star of the Show
Brenda Holcomb - Feb 2017
Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now
Tina Chen Sue-Huei (Feb 2017)
Thy Will
Joey Warren – Feb 2017
The Violin
Kate Sala (UK) Feb 2017
Can't Take My Eyes Off You
Sally Hung, Taiwan (Feb 2017)
Young Love
Dwight Meessen – Dec 2016
No Woman No Cry
Stella Kim (Feb. 2017)
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Recently Added Line Dance Stepsheets

New Stepsheet
Rock and Roll Music - Beginner  Jo Hough. Keith South Australia. February 2017

   32 Count    4 Wall    Beginner   Music: Rock and Roll Music by Bryan Adams. iTunes

New Stepsheet
Miss You Dear  Stephanie Lim - Kickick NDNL [Malaysia] February 2017

64 Count    4 Wall    High Beginner   Music: Miss You Dear / Xiang Zhe Ni Qing Ai De ByKevin / 想着你亲爱的By祁隆

New Stepsheet
Girl Like You  Cody James Lutz & Christy Marshall – March 2017

   48 Count    2 Wall    Improver   Music: "A Girl Like You" by Easton Corbin

New Stepsheet
Shape of You  Fiona Murray (IRL), Roy Hadisubroto (NL) January 2017

   64 Count    4 Wall    Intermediate   Music: Shape Of You by Ed Sheeran. Album: Divide

New Stepsheet
Bop It  Laura Lopez (USA) March 2017

   32 Count    4 Wall    Beginner   Music: What Ifs - Kane Brown

New Stepsheet
I Can Help  Karen Holtom – March 2017

   48 Count    2 Wall    Easy Improver   Music: 'I Can Help' by Billy Swan - BPM: 126 - Shortened version from 70's Summer Album

New Stepsheet
An Empty Glass  Joe Parilla – Mar 2017

32 Count    4 Wall    Improver   Music: An Empty Glass by Joe Reid

New Stepsheet
Nobody, Nobody  Betty Lee (Canada) March 2017

   32 Count    4 Wall    Novice   Music: Nobody (English Version) by Wonders Girls

New Stepsheet
Gotta A Lot of Rhythm  Roger Neff (February, 2017)

   32 Count    4 Wall    Beginner   Music: Gotta a Lot of Rhythm in My Soul by Niamh Lynn

New Stepsheet
Twiddling Thumbs   Tom I. Soenju (NOR), Feb 2017

   64 Count    4 Wall    Intermediate   Music: "Thumbs" by Sabrina Carpenter.Track: 3:37, 140 bpm, EVOLution

New Stepsheet
1,2,3…Floor  José miguel Belloque Vane (NL) & Simon Ward (AU), Feb 2017

   48 Count    2 Wall    Intermediate Country Waltz   Music: I Was Drunk, by Mike Zito. Album: Keep Coming Back

New Stepsheet
Sober Saturday Night  Barb Lunsford - Mar 2017

   32 Count    4 Wall    Easy Beginner   Music: Sober Saturday Night - Chris Young feat. Vince Gill

New Stepsheet
When Someone Stops Loving You  Julia Wetzel - February 2017

   48 Count    3 Wall    Intermediate waltz   Music: When Someone Stops Loving You by Little Big Town, Track Length: 3:48, BPM: 125

New Stepsheet
White Buffalo  Laurent Chalon (Belgium – March 2017)

   64 Count    2 Wall    Phrased Easy Intermediate   Music: "Cotton Eye Joe" By Lee Matthews

New Stepsheet
Million  Marianne Petersen & Jette Bønnelykke – Mar 2017

   48 Count    4 Wall    Improver   Music: Joey Moe (DK) – Million

New Stepsheet
40 Years  Christiane FAVILLIER (France) March 2017

   64 Count    2 Wall    Improver +   Music: "Boobs" by Bellamy Brothers - Album: 40 years

New Stepsheet
Beauty And The Beast  Charlotte Macari & Robert Lindsay - Feb 2017

   32 Count    2 Wall    Intermediate NC2S   Music: Ariana Grande & John Legend - Beauty and the Beast (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2017)

Believer  Meiske Pamaputera ( Indo ), March 2017

   32 Count    4 Wall    Beginner (Single/ Couple LD)    Music: Believer by Imagine Dragons

Chained To The Rhythm   Tom I. Soenju (NOR), Feb 2017

   32 Count    4 Wall    Improver   Music: "Chained to the Rhythm" by Katy Perry feat. Skip Marley - Track: 3:58

Watermelon and Root Beer  Wayne Learned – Feb 2017

   48 Count    4 Wall    Improver   Music: Watermelon And Root Beer - Sarah Gayle Meech

Slow Wait  BM Leong (February 2017)

   40 Count    4 Wall    Beginner   Music: Ban Ban Tan by Anna Tong 慢慢等 - 董美燕

Drinkin' Beer  Mel E. March 2017

   112 Count    0 Wall    Phrased Intermediate   Music: Drinkin' Beer by Ray Scott

Star of the Show  Brenda Holcomb - Feb 2017

   32 Count    2 Wall    Improver   Music: Star of the Show - Thomas Rhett

Beautiful Birds  Rob Fowler – Feb 2017

   32 Count    4 Wall    Beginner +   Music: Beautiful Birds by Passenger (This is a slow song )

Head in the Clouds  Stig Ekström (SE) and Malene Jakobsen (DK) February 2017

   32 Count    4 Wall    Easy Intermediate   Music: Can't Stand the Rain - Dave James, Adam Skinner & Dan Skinner, 132 Bpm

Hop On Hop Off  Pete Zappulla, Heather Joffer & Kristen Gamelin (Feb 2017)

   64 Count    2 Wall    Phrased Intermediate   Music: Hop On Hop Off by Goodluck

The Hungover  Birthe Tygesen, DK – Feb 2017

   32 Count    2 Wall    Improver   Music: Hungover by Brandy Clark

A Little Bitty Tear  Kimmy Tsen - February 2017

   32 Count    2 Wall    Improver   Music: A Little Bitty Tear by Porter Wagoner & Skeeter Davis

Dance For Evermore  Laura Sway – Feb 2017

   64 Count    2 Wall    Improver   Music: Dance For Evermore by Si Cranstoun

Shape Of You  Chris Ng (Malaysia) - March 2017

   32 Count    2 Wall    Beginner   Music: Shape of You by Ed Sheeran

Wanna Be Me  Ramona Reisinger – Feb 2017

   32 Count    4 Wall    Beginner   Music: Me Too - Meghan Trainor

Tonight's the Night  Amy Dorman, Joni Ledvina, and Eric Bricker – Feb 2017

   64 Count    1 Wall    Intermediate Circle   Music: Tonight's the Night by Brian Lorente and the Usual Suspects

Me and My GOD  Amy Dorman, Joni Ledvina, and Eric Bricker – Feb 2017

   144 Count    4 Wall    Phrased Intermediate   Music: Me and my GOD by Beckah Shae

Eye of the Storm  Amy Dorman, Joni Ledvina, and Eric Bricker – Feb 2017

   32 Count    4 Wall    Beginner   Music: Eye of the Storm by Ryan Stevenson

Mighty  Amy Dorman, Joni Ledvina, and Eric Bricker – Feb 2017

   32 Count    2 Wall    Beginner / Improver   Music: Mighty by Beckah Shae

Happy Now  Ingrind Kan 台北甘老師 – Feb 2017

   32 Count    4 Wall    Easy Intermediate   Music: Don't Worry Be Happy - The Overtones

Chained To The Rhythm   Rarayanti Marwan (PLD, INA, February 2017)

   32 Count    2 Wall    Intermediate   Music: Chained To The Rhythm by Katy Perry

Pants  Brenna Stith (Feb 2017)

   32 Count    4 Wall    Easy Intermediate   Music: Pants – Walker Hayes

Everything I Got  Susan Garrett, February 2017 (Emerald, Qld)

   64 Count    4 Wall    Intermediate   Music: "House" by The McClymonts - Single

A Girl From The South Side  Mark Paulino – Feb 2017

   32 Count    4 Wall    Improver   Music: Body Like A Back Road by Sam Hunt

Stepping Over Rainbows  Lynn Sawyer – Feb 2017

   32 Count    2 Wall    Improver   Music: Can't Stand The Rain by Dan & Adam Skinner, & Dave James

She Ain't All That  Kathy Brown, Feb 2017

   32 Count    2 Wall    Improver   Music: Good For You – Jason Owen – CD: Proud

Gimme Gimme (That Love)  Annemaree Sleeth (Australia) March 2017

   32 Count    4 Wall    Beginner / Improver   Music: Gimme Gimme - Inna - 2.57, Single

Funky Cold Medina  Sandra Balestracci – March 1, 2017

   32 Count    4 Wall    Improver   Music: "Funky Cold Medina" by Tone Loc

After Hours Cowboy  Pat Newell - Feb 26, 2017

   32 Count    2 Wall    Ultra Beginner   Music: Cowboy For a Night by Australia's Tornadoes

Hey Ho Away We Go  Jan Owen Smith (Spain) - February 2017

32 Count    4 Wall    Easy Intermediate   Music: 'Hey Ho Away we Go' by Dave Sheriff' - [From then 'til now - CD] - 110 BPM then 135 BPM last 2 walls

Family & Friends  Lorena Fava – Feb 2017

   64 Count    4 Wall    Phrased Intermediate   Music: Elle King - Ex's & Oh's

Roses Are Red   Amy Yang (Taiwan) Mar. 2017

   32 Count    2 Wall    Beginner   Music: Roses Are Red by Bobby Vinton

A Beautiful Afternoon  Amy Yang, Taiwan (Mar. 2017)

   48 Count    4 Wall    Intermediate waltz   Music: "Pasture Cattle at Dusk" by Jeffrey Chen

El Niño Loco  Lars Christensen. Feb 2017

   64 Count    4 Wall    Improver   Music: Rodney Carrington - El Niño Loco. 124 bpm

Starfire  Dan Powers – Feb 2017

32 Count    4 Wall    Low Intermediate   Music: Starfire by Caitlyn Smith

New York Jig  Sid McLam, Step 'n' Time Line Dancers of Central Vermont - Feb 2017

32 Count    2 Wall    Beginner / Intermediate - Line / Contra   Music: New York Jig by Natalie MacMaster

Sugar and Spice  Sue Smyth – Feb 2017

   32 Count    4 Wall    High Improver   Music: Sugar by Jennifer Nettles

Tango Tiarni (video only)  Shanthie De Mel, Australia (27th Feb 2017)

   32 Count    4 Wall    Beginner   Music: Hernandos' Hideaway, by Ross Mitchell

Push For The Stride A Bit  Susanne Oates. Feb 2017

   32 Count    2 Wall    Absolute Beginner   Music: Push for the Stride by Ward Thomas

Can't Stand The Rain A Bit  Susanne Oates. Feb 2017

   32 Count    4 Wall    Absolute Beginner   Music: "Can't Stand the Rain" by Dan Skinner, Adam Skinner and Dave James – 130 bpm.

For The Fame  Micaela Svensson Erlandsson, SE, February 2017

   32 Count    4 Wall    Improver   Music: Did It For The Fame By Sabina Ddumba,

I Wanna Dance With Someone EZ  mBah Wir, Maya Sofia & Rika Djamhari-Yogyakarta (ID) February 2017

   48 Count    4 Wall    Improver   Music: I Wanna Dance (cha cha cha) by Willy Chirino

Middle of a Memory  Cathy Breed (Qld) Australia, Oct 2016

   64 Count    2 Wall    Intermediate   Music: Middle of a Memory - Cole Swindell. Album: You Should Be here (iTunes) BPM: 140 Track: 3.47

Get Me A New Life  Sue Fisher & Janelle Mathews. Tasmania Feb 2017

64 Count    4 Wall    Easy Intermediate   Music: Gina Timms - New Life: 3.31 - Album: Thank You - iTunes

I'm A Lady  Annemaree Sleeth (Australia) March 2017

   36 Count    2 Wall    Beginner / Improver   Music: I'm a Lady - Meghan Trainor - 2.41 [Smurfs The Lost Village]

Cariño Mio (My Darling)  Joke Mozes & John Warnars (NLD), December 2016

   32 Count    4 Wall    Easy Intermediate   Music: Cariño Mio by Sparx

Honest  Christiane FAVILLIER (France) - February 2017

   32 Count    4 Wall    Improver   Music: "If I'm Honest" by Blake Shelton - Friends (from the angry birds movie)

I'm Crazy About You  Gail Smith - February 2017

   48 Count    2 Wall    Intermediate NC   Music: In Case You Didn't Know by Brett Young

Baby Don't You Let Go  Lars Christensen (Dk. September, 2016)

   88 Count    4 Wall    Intermediate   Music: Baby Don't You Let Go. By Trisha Yearwood - Bpm: 188

Not Your #1  Gemma Ridyard (Feb 2017)

   32 Count    4 Wall    Improver   Music: 'Ciao Adios' By Anne-Marie - iTunes

One Dance  Amélie Jammart & Paul Steinborn – Feb 2017

32 Count    2 Wall    Newcomer   Music: "One Dance" By Alex Aiono

Break The Rules  Mª Loudes Augé Garcia – Feb 2017

   32 Count    2 Wall       Music: Fifth Harmony - Work From Home

EZ Lonesome Waltz  K. Sholes – Feb 2017

   24 Count    4 Wall    Beginner   Music: I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry by Elvis Presley

Can't We Just Dance  Lin Arney (U.K.) Feb 2017

   32 Count    4 Wall    Intermediate   Music: 'Why Don't We Just Dance' by Josh Turner

Shape Of You Easy  Christiane FAVILLIER – January 2017

   32 Count    4 Wall    Beginner   Music: Shape of You by Ed Sheeran

Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now  Tina Chen Sue-Huei (Feb 2017)

   64 Count    4 Wall    Intermediate   Music: Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now by Tracy Huang +25% 128 bpm

Brother Louie  Tina Chen Sue-Huei (Feb 2017)

   64 Count    2 Wall    Intermediate   Music: Brother Louie by Modern Talking

Good for You  Liz Gardiner (AUS) February 2017. Version 1

   32 Count    4 Wall    Upper Beginner   Music: Good for You by Jason Owen. Album: Proud (2:39 mins) BPM (106)

Run Away  Su-ki (Feb 2017)

   128 Count    4 Wall    Phrased Low Intermediate   Music: Run Away (Radio Edit) by Sunstroke project & Olia Tira

Begin The Beguine   Peter Kim (U.S.A.) Feb 2017

   48 Count    4 Wall    Beginner / Improver   Music: Begin The Beguine, Cole Potter - Artie Shaw

Worth Fighting For  Roy Verdonk (NL) & Jef Camps (BE) - February 2017

   64 Count    4 Wall    Intermediate   Music: "Worth Fighting For" by Taylor Henderson

Dirty Boots  Andy Williams – Feb 2017

   32 Count    4 Wall    Improver   Music: Dirt On My Boots by Jon Pardi

Cake By The Ocean  Conny van Dongen (The Dance ConAction) Feb 2017

   32 Count    2 Wall    Novice - Funky Modern   Music: Cake by The Ocean by DNCE – 120 bpm

Heaven  Conny van Dongen – Feb 2017

   32 Count    4 Wall    Novice Cuban Cha Cha   Music: Heaven by Neal McCoy

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