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JAY KAY  Michele Perron

32 Count    4 Wand    intermediate   Musik: Little L by Jamiroquai

JAY MO  Nikki Wyllie

32 Count    4 Wand    beginner/intermediate west coast swing   Musik: You Da Man by Jameson Clark


48 Count    4 Wand       Musik: Bubba Shot The Jukebox by Mark Chesnutt

JAY WALK  Unknown

18 Count    0 Wand       Musik: Islands In The Stream by Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton

JAYCEE STROLL  James Caldwell

32 Count    2 Wand    beginner   Musik: The Thrill Is Back by Alan Jackson

JAYLO WALK  Garth Bock

32 Count    4 Wand    intermediate   Musik: Come On Over (All I Want Is You) by Christina Aguilera

JAYWALK  Jay Brenneman

40 Count    4 Wand    intermediate/advanced   Musik: Don't Tell Me by Madonna

JAZZ BOOGIE  Rita Ensminger

    32 Count    4 Wand    Beginner mambo   Musik: Papa Loves Mambo by Perry Como

JAZZ BOX DANCE  Frankie "Bubba" Jones

16 Count    4 Wand    beginner   Musik: Give Me Love by Fussy Cussy

JAZZ FIZZLE  Nancy A. Morgan

32 Count    4 Wand    intermediate   Musik: One, Two Step by Ciara

JAZZ IT UP  Ceri Grindal

32 Count    1 Wand    intermediate/advanced   Musik: Jam Side Down by Status Quo

JAZZ IT UP  Bev Cornish

32 Count    0 Wand       Musik: Full Deck Of Cards by Helen Darling

JAZZ IT UP  Kathy Moore & Guy Bowsher

32 Count    4 Wand       Musik: I Have To Surrender by Ty Herndon

JAZZ IT UP  Rachael McEnaney & Paul McAdam (Apr 08)

    32 Count    2 Wand    Intermediate   Musik: Jazz It Up by Reel 2 Reel (128bpm)


0 Count    2 Wand    intermediate   Musik: Fever by Peggy Lee

JAZZ MACHINE  Jennifer Pasley-Smith

32 Count    4 Wand    intermediate   Musik: Jazz Machine by Black Machine

Jazz Man  Carrie Bauer (March 2015)

    32 Count    4 Wand    Ultra Beginner   Musik: "Jazzman" by Carole King (Album "Carole King Her Greatest Hits: Songs of Long Ago")

JAZZ UP TO PERFIDIA  Marjorie Barnabas-Shaw (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) March 2009

    32 Count    4 Wand    Improver   Musik: Perfidia by Los Rabanes (124 bpm) from the album Rabanes

JAZZED  John Bailey

32 Count    4 Wand    beginner/intermediate   Musik: Peter Gunn (Max Sedgley Remix) by Sarah Vaughan


64 Count    2 Wand    intermediate   Musik: It Had To Be You by Steve Tyrell

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