The Best Is Yet To Come CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Lynne Martino, [12/30/2014]
The Best Is Yet To Come by Brady Seals

Start on Vocals

[1-8] Basic Nightclub, 2 Skates, Shuffle
1,2&3Step R to right side(1), rock L behind R(2), recover on R(&)step L to left side(3)
4&5,6Rock R behind L(4), recover on L(&), skate R forward(5)skate L forward(6)*Restart Wall 4
7&8Shuffle forward R,L,R

[9-16] Basic Nightclub, ¼ Turn, 2 skates, Shuffle
1,2&3Step L to left side(1), rock R behind L(2), recover on L(&), step R to right side(3)
4&5,6Rock L behind R(4), recover on R(&)making ¼ turn left skate L forward(5), skate R forward(6)
7&8Shuffle forward L,R,L

[17-24] Forward Rocks, 2 Steps, Lock Step
1,2&3,4&Rock R forward(1), recover on L(2), step R back next to L(&), rock L forward(3), Recover on R(4), step L back(&)
5,6Step back on R(5), step back on L(6)
7&8Step back on R(7), lock L in front of R(&) step back on R(8)

[25-32] Step, Cross Rock, Step, Cross Rock, ¼ Turn, 2 Walks, Rock, Recover, Step
1,2,&Step L to left side(1), cross rock R over L(2), recover on L(&)
3,4,&Step R to right side(3), cross rock L over R(4), recover on R(&)
5,6Making ¼ turn left, walk L forward(5), walk R forward(6)
7&8Rock L forward(7), recover on R(&), step L back next to R(8)

Restart: On Wall 4(6 o’clock) dance the first 6 counts and then restart dance.

Choreographer Info: Lynne Martino,,,
Facebook page: Lynne’s Dance Crew