Help Me Make It CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Double Trouble – Cathy and Kathy (Dec 2013)
Help Me Make It Through the Night – Johnny Reid

Start Dance after 16 counts, note you will count to 16 and then say &1 (start on 1)

Basic Night Club to the Right, ¼ Turn to Left, Step Half Turn Step, Full Turn Shuffle to Right, Rock Forward Left, Recover Right.
1-2 &Step right foot to right side, Rock left foot behind right, quickly recover onto right foot
3Step left foot a ¼ turn to left.
4 & 5Step right foot forward quickly step onto left foot while making ½ turn over left shoulder,. Step onto right foot.
6 & 7Shuffle a full turn Right (Left, Right, Left) easy option shuffle forward
8 & 1Rock your right foot forward, quickly recover weight back onto left, step back right.

Sweep back Left, Sweep Back Right, Rock Behind Recover Step, Rock Recover Step, Rock Recover Step Forward
2 - 3With a sweeping motion, step back onto left foot, with a sweeping motion step back onto right foot.
4 & 5Rock left foot behind right, quickly recover weight onto right, step left to left side.
6 & 7Rock right foot behind left, quickly recover weight onto left, step right to right side.
8 & 1Rock left foot behind right, quick recover weight onto right, step forward left.

Rock Right Forward Recover ¼ Turn Right, Cross Shuffle Left over Right, Step Half Turn Step over Left shoulder, Rock Left Back Recover Right.
2 & 3Rock your right foot forward, quickly step onto left, and make ¼ turn to Right stepping right to right side.
4 & 5Cross Shuffle your left over right (L R L ) .
6 & 7Step right foot slightly to right side, while quickly stepping onto your left foot make a ½ over your left shoulder, step side right.
8 & 1Rock your left foot behind your right, quickly recover onto your right, step your left to the left side.

Rock Right Behind Recover ¼ turn, Step Left ½ Turn right, Walk Fwd Right Left, Sway Hips Right Left, and start again.
2 & 3Rock Right foot behind left, quickly recover weight onto left, step a ¼ turn right onto right foot.
4 &5Step forward Left, quickly make a half turn to the right onto right foot, then step on left.
6 – 7Walk forward Right Left.
8 &Quickly sway your hips Right, Left, (step your right foot to right side to start your dance again on count 1 above.

Begin again.

Dedicated to our Fathers, we love you.

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