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A FATHER'S LOVE    Heather Frye

48 Count     4 Wall     intermediate/advanced waltz     Music: I Loved Her First by Heartland

A Feelin' Like That    Lorna Mursell & Roz Chaplin (UK) March 2013

   64 Count     4 Wall     Improver     Music: A Feelin' Like That by Gary Allan. CD: The Greatest Hits

A Feeling Like That    Tom & Wendy Monaghan (N.Z.)

   64 Count     2 Wall     Improver     Music: "A feeling like that" by Gary Allan. Album: Greatest Hits

A Feeling Like That (Fr)    Guy Dubé (added May 2014)

   32 Count     4 Wall     Intermédiaire     Music: A Feeling Like That (Gary Allan)

A Few Days Together (Fr)    Christine DELACROIX – Aug 2015

   96 Count     1 Wall     Intermédiaire Phrasée     Music: Lay Low - Josh TURNER

A FEW DAYZ LESS    Jan Wyllie

64 Count     2 Wall     beginner/intermediate     Music: 3 Dayz by Rascal Flatts

A Few Dollars More EZ    Charlotte Steele (SA) and Bobbey Willson (USA) May 2016

   32 Count     4 Wall     High Beginner     Music: For a Few Dollars More by Chris Norman from his album Chris Norman - The HIts! (from 2009)

A Few Little Things    Amandine Cristofol (04/2012)

   32 Count     4 Wall     Beginner / Intermediate     Music: A Few Little Things by Courtney Conway

A Few Minutes    Vikki Morris (UK) Feb 10

   64 Count     2 Wall     Intermediate     Music: It Don't Take But A Few Minutes –The Refreshments- Album – Both Rock N Roll

A Few More Cowboys    Andrea Banks - 09/2016

   40 Count     4 Wall     Low Intermediate     Music: A Few More Cowboys by Toby Keith

A Few More Cowboys    Dwight Birkjær (Okt. 2016)

   64 Count     2 Wall     Improver / Intermediate     Music: A few more Cowboy's by Toby Keith

A FEW OF US LEFT    Jill Boxtel

96 Count     4 Wall     intermediate/advanced     Music: A Few Of Us Left by Lee Kernaghan

A Few Too Many    Karl-Harry Winson (Oct 2011)

48 Count     4 Wall     High Improver     Music: "A Few Too Many" by Shane Martin. Album: 'Rewind'. (148bpm)

A FIGHTING CHANCE    Michel Cabana

32 Count     4 Wall     beginner/intermediate     Music: I Hope You Dance (Rawling Mix: Radio Edit) by Lee Ann Womack

A FINAL FAREWELL    Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs, TheDanceFactoryUK, July 08

32 Count     4 Wall     Intermediate     Music: Warwick Avenue by Duffy (CD: Rockferry)

A FINE PLACE TO START    Robbie Halvorson

   32 Count     2 Wall     Beginner     Music: A Real Fine Place To Start by Sara Evans


32 Count     2 Wall     beginner/intermediate     Music: Two Ways To Fall by Ty England

A Flight To The Moon    Timothy To & Theresina Tam, Canada (Nov 2010)

   32 Count     4 Wall     Beginner     Music: Fly Me to the Moon by Helmut Lotti

A Flower Girl    Tina Chen Sue Huei ( July 2011 )

   64 Count     4 Wall     Low Intermediate     Music: Gu Niang Yi Rui Hua by Fan Wan Tzen

A FOOL IN LOVE    Larry Hayden

32 Count     4 Wall     intermediate     Music: A Fool In Love by Ball, Barton, Strehli

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