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B & B    Grace Coleman

48 Count     4 Wall     intermediate     Music: Perfect Love by Trisha Yearwood

B & C SHUFFLE    Bernice & Colin Caddick

72 Count     0 Wall         Music: Unknown

B BAD BILLY    Audrey Watson

48 Count     2 Wall     beginner     Music: Billy B Bad by The Deans

B BOP    The Buffalo Girls

48 Count     2 Wall     intermediate     Music: At The Hop by Danny & The Juniors

B BOP SHUFFLE    Peggi Sue Wood

40 Count     4 Wall     beginner     Music: Bop by Dan Seals

B BOY BABY    Jose Miguel Belloque Vane (Aug 09)

   32 Count     4 Wall     Beginner     Music: B Boy Baby by Mutya Buena

B BURNIN'    Michael Naylor

32 Count     4 Wall     beginner/intermediate     Music: We Be Burnin' by Sean Paul

B C CHA CHA (P)    Bill Jackson & Carolyn Jones

   80 Count     0 Wall     Partner     Music: We Won't Dance by Vince Gill

B CRAZY    Caroline Robson

64 Count     2 Wall     intermediate     Music: Crazy by Gnarls Barkley

B D CREATION    Bill "Bongo" Mason

64 Count     4 Wall     beginner     Music: Rock The Boat by Good Ol' Greenwood Boys

B H-17    Ray & Tina Yeoman

144 Count     2 Wall     beginner/intermediate     Music: Cherokee Boogie by BR5-49

B Hollywood    Sho Botham, UK (Nov 10)

   32 Count     4 Wall     Beginner     Music: Hollywood by Michael Buble

B My Love (P)    Greywolf & Wiya Wambli – March 2017

   64 Count     1 Wall     Intermediate Partner     Music: Gary Fjellgaard – Fire & Lace ( 156 bpm)

B P EXPRESS    Unknown

36 Count     4 Wall         Music: Where'm I Gonna Live by Billy Ray Cyrus

B S B    Robert Hahn, Germany – August 2014

   48 Count     2 Wall     Phrased Intermediate ECS     Music: Blood, Sweat & Beer by Blackjack Billy

B S'ER    Rick & Deborah Bates

32 Count     4 Wall     intermediate west coast swing     Music: Love Is A Crime by Anastacia

B T SHUFFLE    John Romano & Jan Pryor

64 Count     0 Wall         Music: Measure Of A Man by Kevin Sharp

B to the A.N.G.    Michael Metzger – Oct 2014

   64 Count     2 Wall     Upper Intermediate     Music: "Bang Bang" by Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj

B Waltz    Susanne Oates. Jan 2017

   24 Count     4 Wall     Beginner     Music: "Blue Ain't Your Color" by Keith Urban. CD: Ripcord.

B&A Waka Waka    Bryan Ang and Ann Tan

   112 Count     1 Wall     Phrased Beginner / Intermediate     Music: Waka Waka by Shakira

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