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Gave My Heart A Home    Rhonda Mathieson, Vic. & Sue Fisher, Tas. (July 2012)

   64 Count     2 Wall     Intermediate     Music: You Gave my Heart a Home by Johnny Reid. Album: A Place called love (132 bpm - 3.13 mins)

GAY GORDONS    Unknown

32 Count     0 Wall         Music: Scottish Linedance Party by The Millennium Puppets

GayBoy    Kim Liebsch (Denmark) June 2017

   48 Count     4 Wall     Intermediate     Music: Gay Boy by Aura (3:04)

GAYLE'S GIFT    Evelyn Meloche

64 Count     4 Wall     beginner/intermediate rumba     Music: Dance To My Ten Guitars by Dave Sheriff

GAYLE'S GIFT    Evelyn Meloche

56 Count     4 Wall     Beginner/Intermediate level     Music: Dance To My Ten Guitars by Dave Sheriff

GB CHA CHA    Neil Smith

48 Count     0 Wall         Music: Cha

GB Shuffle (P) Rev.1    Michael Schmidt (2017- 03)

   32 Count     0 Wall     Partner / Circle     Music: My Life For Country Music – Country Gabi [101 bpm] (02:42)

G-BOP    Eva Andersson

64 Count     4 Wall     intermediate/advanced     Music: G-Bop by Kenny G

GDFR (Goin Down For Real)    Brandi Gross (Feb 2015)

   96 Count     4 Wall     Phrased Intermediate / Advanced     Music: GDFR by Flo Rida ft. Sage The Gemini and Lookas (clean version)

Gecko Tango    Jan Wyllie, Hervey Bay, Qld., Australia (April 2010)

   32 Count     2 Wall     Intermediate     Music: Gecko Tango by Rio Rocko (104 bpm)

Gecko Tango    Norman Gifford

32 Count     4 Wall     Improver     Music: Gecko Tango - Rio Rocko (140bpm)

Gecko Tango (P)    Theresa Needham & Al Gallagher

64 Count     0 Wall     Intermediate Partner     Music: Rio Rocko, Gecko Tango, CD. Rio Rocko. 32 count intro. (138 BPM.)

GED IT RIGHT    Stephen Sunter

64 Count     4 Wall     intermediate     Music: My Name Is Not Susan by Whitney Houston

Gei Au, For Better For Worse    Stephanie Chong, Malaysia (Jan 2015)

   64 Count     4 Wall     Phrased Easy Intermediate     Music: Gei Au (Wife) by Jiang Hui

GEISHA DREAMS    A T Kinson, Joan Caviness & Pepper Siquieros

32 Count     2 Wall     Beginner / Intermediate     Music: Geisha Dreams by Rollergirl

Gejolak Asmara    Nurjannah - The Universal Line Dance Yogyakarta Indonesia - Juni 2015

   48 Count     2 Wall     Improver     Music: Gejolak Asmara by Nassar

Gelora Asmara    Ayu Permana, INA, (Aug 2011)

   32 Count     4 Wall     Beginner     Music: Gelora Asmara by Derby Romero (rock version)

Gembala Sapi ( Couple , Contra )    Meiske Pamaputera, Indonesia, August 2015

   32 Count     2 Wall     Beginner     Music: Gembala Sapi by Rani Pancarani

GEMINI    Chris Jackson

0 Count     3 Wall     intermediate/advanced     Music: Now That You Love Me by The Alice Band

GEMMA'S WALTZ    Jean & John Miles

42 Count     0 Wall         Music: Slow To Medium Waltz Time

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