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32 Count     2 Wall     beginner/intermediate     Music: Madaleina by Redfern & Crookes

Madeleine    Don Pascual (Feb 2015)

   32 Count     4 Wall     Beginner     Music: Madeleine (The Playtones)

Madeleine (Fr)    Don Pascual (Fev 2015)

   32 Count     4 Wall     Débutant     Music: Madeleine (The Playtones)

Mademoiselle de Paris    Christina Yang (Mar, 2014)

   48 Count     4 Wall     Improver - Viennese waltz     Music: Mademoiselle de Paris by Jacqueline Francois

Mademoiselle Ninette    Beate Keller (GER) Aug 2014

   56 Count     2 Wall     Phrased Easy Intermediate     Music: Mademoiselle Ninette by The Soulful Dynamics

Mademoiselle Ninette (De)    Beate Keller (GER) Sept 2015

   56 Count     2 Wall     Phrased Easy Intermediate     Music: Mademoiselle Ninette by The Soulful Dynamics

Mader Fader    Patrizia Porcu (Italy) April 2013

   64 Count     2 Wall     Phrased Improver     Music: Cover Medley (3:33) Of Gentleman (Psy) - Mader Fader (Ferdenzi-Lamberti)

Mader Fader    Joey and Rina (Balli Di Gruppo) April 2013

   144 Count     1 Wall     Phrased Advanced     Music: "Gentlemen (remix)" (126 bpm)... Psy (only available from the Digital Store Network)

MADHOUSE TO THE MAX    Doug & Jackie Miranda

   48 Count     2 Wall     Intermediate     Music: Keep Your Hands To Yourself by Ethan Allen

Madiba Mambo    Kate Sala

   32 Count     4 Wall     Intermediate     Music: 'The Boy Does Nothing' By Alesha Dixon

Madiba Mambo 熱力非洲    Kate Sala (UK) Oct 08

   32 Count     4 Wall     Intermediate     Music: The Boy Does Nothing by Alesha Dixon


48 Count     4 Wall     beginner/intermediate waltz     Music: The Madison County Waltz by Robert James Waller

Madison Cowboy Last Night (Fr)    Nathalie Émond (Canada) Jan 2013

   48 Count     4 Wall     Intermediate     Music: Madison Cowboy Last Night by Madison Cowboy & DJ Robbie. Album: Last Night (version 2010) (iTunes)

Madison Time    Derek Robinson (UK) May 2014

   32 Count     4 Wall     Beginner / Improver     Music: Last Night by Chris Anderson & DJ Robbie. (121bpm) CD: Line Dance Party

Madly In Love (aka. Piel Canela)    Christina Yang (Mar. 2015)

   32 Count     2 Wall     Improver - Mambo / Cha Cha     Music: Piel canela by Eydie Gome and Trio Los Panchos

MADLY OFF IN ALL DIRECTIONS    Michele Perron, DANCE Expressions

   48 Count     1 Wall     Beginner / Easy Intermediate     Music: Gonna Move Across The River - Bill Pinkney & The Original Drifters. Album: Good Vibrations: Carolina Beach Music Classics (135 bpm) Ripete Music Group. CD#2257, ripete@mindspring.com

Madly Off In All Directions (Fr)    Michèle PERRON – Lions Bay, British Columbia - Canada / Mars 1998

   48 Count     1 Wall     Novice     Music: Gonna move across the river - Bill PINKEY & The Original Drifters - bpm 134

MADLY...    Heather Frye

32 Count     4 Wall     intermediate     Music: Truly, Madly, Deeply by Savage Garden

Madness    Vicky St.Pierre (April 2013)

   32 Count     4 Wall     Intermediate     Music: "Madness" by Muse. Album : "The 2nd Law"

MADOGG    Kathy Brown

32 Count     4 Wall     beginner/intermediate west coast swing     Music: Beware Of The Dog by Jamelia

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