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Main Attraction    Jannie Tofte Andersen (DK) Joey Warren (USA) Kirsten Matthiessen (DK) September 2016

   64 Count     2 Wall     Advanced     Music: 'Undress Rehearsal' by Timeflies

MAIN EVENT    Robert Cordoba & Doug Endo

172 Count     4 Wall     advanced     Music: Gonna Make You Sweat by C&C Music Factory

Main Squeeze (P)    Greg Van Zilen (2/22/2009)

   32 Count     0 Wall     Beginner Partner     Music: Baby Your Baby by George Strait

MAINLINE STROLL    Diane Jackson

64 Count     0 Wall         Music: If That's The Way You Want It by Brooks & Dunn

MAINTENANCE MAN    Andy Williams

32 Count     4 Wall     beginner/intermediate     Music: High Maintenance Woman by Toby Keith

Mairi for Money    Mairi F McFarlane (Scotland) January 2009

   32 Count     2 Wall     High Improver / Easy Intermediate     Music: Marry for Money by Trace Adkins (Album – X (Ten)

Maja's Love    Jana Osburg and Matthias Ziller

   32 Count     2 Wall     Novice (NC2S smooth)     Music: "Almost Lover" by A Fine Frenzy (60bpm)

MAJIK TOUCH    Kathy Hunyadi & Jamie Marshall

64 Count     2 Wall     intermediate/advanced     Music: Rub You The Right Way by Johnny Gill

Maju Mundur Cantik    Ema Rahmawati SG The Universal Linedance Cab. Jember JATIM,(Indonesia), Feb. 2016

   32 Count     4 Wall     Beginner     Music: Maju Mundur Cantik by Rina Nose

MAKATCHI KICK    Tony "Bootscooter" Wanko

32 Count     4 Wall         Music: Cotton Eyed Joe (Club Mix) by The Rednex

MAKE A CHANGE    Craig Cooke

32 Count     2 Wall     intermediate     Music: Man In The Mirror by Michael Jackson

Make A Change (P)    Don Carleton & Dottie Censabella (Nov 2014)

   64 Count     0 Wall     Partner / Circle     Music: I Don't Care What You Say by Anthony Callea

MAKE A FOOL OUT OF ME    DJ Dan & Wynette Miller

32 Count     4 Wall     beginner     Music: Make A Fool Out Of Me by Heather Myles

Make A Livin'    Rafel Corbi (June 2014)

   68 Count     4 Wall     Improver / Intermediate Country     Music: Kevin Fowler (If I Could Make A Livin' Drinkin') Album: How Country Are Ya? (2014)

Make A Livin'    Phil Carpenter (21 - 6 - 2014)

   68 Count     4 Wall     Intermediate     Music: If I Could Make A Livin' Drinkin'. Kevin Fowler. C.D: How Country Are Ya? (iTunes - 148 bpm)

MAKE A LIVING    Trish Badger & Ray Graham

32 Count     2 Wall     intermediate     Music: If I Could by Kasey Chambers

MAKE A LIVING    Caroline Dewsbury

32 Count     4 Wall     beginner/intermediate     Music: 9 To 5 by Dolly Parton

MAKE A MEMORY    Michael Barr (Feb 08)

   32 Count     2 Wall     Intermediate     Music: (You Want To) Make A Memory by Bon Jovi (CD: Lost Highway) 80bpm

MAKE A MOVE    Terri Alexander

32 Count     4 Wall     intermediate/advanced     Music: Me And You by Cassie

Make a Move    Amy Glass (Oct 2013)

   32 Count     4 Wall     Intermediate     Music: "Make a Move" by Gavin DeGraw, (iTunes)

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