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16 Tons
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Beginner / Intermediate
Michael Vera-Lobos (Australia)
16 Tons by Leanne Rimes [CD: Lady & Gentlemen]
Dance Starts: 32 Count Intro

[&1-8] Out Out, Cross Kick, Out Out, R Sailor, Touch Behind, ¾ L, Point Side
&1,2Stepping R out to R Step L to L, Cross Kick R over L (12:00)
&3Stepping R out to R Step L to L (12:00)
4&5Cross R behind L & Rock L to L, Replace wt on R (12:00)
6,7,8Touch L behind R, Unwind ¾ L (End wt L 3:00), Point R toe to R side (3:00)

[&9-16] & Cross Touch, ½ Unwind , R Coaster, Full Spin Fwd R, Shuffle Fwd L
&1,2Stepping onto R Touch L toe over R, Unwind ½ R Ending with Wt on L (9:00)
3&4Step back on R & Step L beside R, Step fwd R (9:00)
5,6(travelling fwd) Turn ½ R stepping L back, Turn ½ R stepping R fwd (9:00)
7&8Shuffle fwd L Stepping L,R,L (9:00)

[17-24] Step Back, Kick Side, Step Back, Kick Side, Rock Back, Replace, Step Fwd, ½ Pivot L
1-4(travelling back) Step R slightly behind L, Kick L to L side, Step L slightly behind R, Kick R to R side (9:00)
5-8Rock back R, Rock fwd L, Step fwd R, Pivot ½ L (3:00)

[25-32] ¼ L, Hold/ Click, Behind & Side, Cross, Side Rock, Replace, Cross Shuffle
1,2Turning ¼ L Step R to R, Hold Clicking both hands to side (Wt R) (12:00)
3&4Cross L behind R & Step R to R, Cross L over R (12:00)
5,6Side Rock, Replace
7&8(travelling left) Cross Shuffle R over L Stepping R,L,R (12:00)

[33-40] ¼ Toe Strut R, ½ Toe Strut R, L Mambo, Rock Back, Replace
1,2Turning ¼ R Toe Strut back on L (3:00)
3,4Turning ½ R Toe strut fwd on R (9:00)
5&6Rock fwd L & Rock back on R, Step back on L (9:00)
7,8Rock back on R lifting L heel, Rock fwd on L (9:00)

[41-48] ½ Shuffle L, Rock Back, Replace, ½ L, ¼ L, Cross & Heel
1&2Turning ½ L Shuffle R,L,R (3:00)
3,4Rock back on L, Rock fwd on R (3:00)
5,6(travelling fwd) Turn ½ R Stepping back on L, Turn a further ¼ R Ending with R to R side (12:00)
7&8Cross L over R & Step R to R, Touch L heel to L side (12:00)

[49-56] Ball Cross, ¼ R, R Coaster, Rock Fwd, Replace, ¾ Triple L
&1,2Stepping onto L Cross R over L, Turning ¼ R Step back on L (3:00)
3&4Step back on R & Step L beside R, Step fwd on R (3:00)
5,6Rock fwd L, Rock back on R (3:00)
7&8¾ Triple L on the spot Stepping L,R,L (6:00)

[57-64] Cross, Point, Cross, Point, Jazz Box Cross
1-4(travelling fwd) Cross R over L, Point L to L side, Cross L over R, Point R to R side (6:00)
5-8(With attitude)–Cross R over L, Step back on L, Step slightly back on R, Cross L over R (6:00)

TAG: End of Wall 1 & 4
1–8Side Shuffle R, Rock back L , Rock fwd R, Side Shuffle L, Rock back R, Rock fwd L

Finish: End of Tag on Wall 4–Step R to R dragging L

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