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Clap Happy !
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Shaz Walton (Aug 2013)
Happy by Pharrell Williams (iTunes)
QUICK INTRO! 4 Counts!

Toe, heel. Kick, touch. Kick, touch. Kick. Touch.
1-2Touch right toes forward. Drop right heel.
3-4Kick left foot forward. Touch left beside right (bend your knees)
5-6Kick left foot forward as you straighten. Step left beside right (bend your knees)
7-8Kick right foot forward. Touch right beside left.

Kick, behind, side, cross. Kick, kick. Behind, kick.
1-2Kick right to right side. Cross step right behind left.
3-4Step left to left side. Cross step right over left.
5-6Kick left to left side x2.
7-8Cross step left behind right. Kick right to right side.

Behind, ¼, side, bump. Side, bump. Side, bump.
1-2Cross step right behind left. Step left ¼ left.
3-4Step right to right side. Sway/bump right hip to right.
5-6Drop weight to left. Sway/bump left hip to left.
7-8Drop weight to right. Sway/bump right hip to right.

Side, together, side, touch. ¼, ½, ½, step.
1-2Step left to left side. Step right beside left.
3-4Step left to left side. Touch right beside left.
5-6Make ¼ right stepping right forward. Make ½ right stepping back left.
7-8Make ½ right stepping forward right. Step forward left.

Rock, recover. Back, sweep. Back, sweep. Rock, recover.
1-2Rock forward right. Recover on left.
3-4Step back right as you sweep left from front to back over 2 counts
5-6Step back left as you sweep right from front to back over 2 counts.
7-8Rock back right. Recover on left.

Toe, Heel, Cross. Toe, Heel, Cross. Stomp. Stomp/kick.
1-2Touch right toes to left instep. Touch right heel to right diagonal.
3-4Cross right over left. Touch left toes to right instep.
5-6Touch left heel to left diagonal. Cross left over right.
7-8stomp right beside left. Stomp right shoulder width apart from left as you kick left to left side.

Behind, side, cross, hitch. Touch, hitch, behind, ¼.
1-2Cross step left behind right. Step right to right side.
3-4Cross left over right. Hitch right up and around to front.
5-6Touch right toes across left. Hitch right up and around to back.
7-8Cross step right behind left. Make ¼ left stepping left forward.

Step, POSE! ¼. ¼ hitch. Jazz box.
1-2Step right to right side. Touch left to left side as you angle your upper body to right diagonal & strike a pose! (optional)
3-4Make ¼ left stepping left forward. Make ¼ left on ball of left foot as you hitch right from back to front.
5-6Cross step right over left. step back on left.
7-8Step right to right. step left forward.

No Tags or Restarts..... Just clap along & be happy

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