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Fake I.D.
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Phrased Intermediate
Jamal Sims
"Fake I.D." by Big & Rich, feat. Gretchen Wilson
Originally Transcribed by: Michael W. Diven
Amended by Kevin Winn and Marissa Purtill
As taught by Kevin Winn. - updated 11-26-2011

16 count intro – Sequence AA B A B- AA B A A- Tag AAAA C

PART A - 32 counts
Section 1: Wizard, Heel, Heel, Side, Behind, Ball Cross, Hitch ¼ turn L,
1-2 &Step forward on R heel, lock L behind R, Step R forward,
3&4Touch L heel forward, step L next to R, touch R heel forward
5-6Step R to R side, Step L behind R while hitching R and slap both hips,
&7-8Step R next to L, Cross L over R, hitch R foot with ¼ turn left. (9:00)
Note: Over rotate this turn slightly so that your hips are at 8:00.
Then when starting step 1 of section 2 head toward 9:00

Section 2: Wizard, ¼ Pivot R, Stomp R x3, ¼ R Turn Jump
1-2 &Step R fwd, Lock L behind R, Step R fwd,
3-4Step L fwd, Pivot ¼ R while stomping R next to L, (12:00)
5-7Stomp R foot 3 times (pretend like you are strumming your guitar with the right hand)
8Jump and turn ¼ to the R (3:00)

Section 3: Jump in place 3 times, Jump ¼ L, Jump ¼ L, Jump in place, Step, Touch, Hitch, Step, Touch, Hitch
1&2Jump in place 3 times (swivel heels out, in, out)
3Jump to closed position while turning ¼ L, (12:00)
&Jump to closed position while turning ¼ L, (9:00)
4Jump in place.
5&6Step on L while kicking R to the back, Touch R toe next to L heel, Hitch R back while turning ½ R, (3:00)
7&8Step on R while kicking L to the back, Touch L toe next to R heel, Hitch L back while turning ½ L, (9:00)

Section 4: Step, Pivot ½ Turn, Left Shuffle Fwd, ¼ Pivot, ¼ Pivot
1-2Step forward on L , pivot ½ R, (3:00)
3&4Step forward on L, step R next to L, step forward on L,
5-6Step forward on R, pivot ¼ turn left (swinging hips, slap your right hip) (12:00)
7-8Step forward on R, pivot ¼ turn left (swinging hips, slap your right hip) (9:00)

The first “B” starts at 6:00, so the clock on the steps refer to it as starting B at 6:00

PART B - 20 counts
Section 1: Back, Step in place twice, Back, Step, ¼ Sweep, Hell Swivel w/ claps
1Step back on R,
2&3Step L next to R, Step R next to L, Step back L,
4Step back R while doing a L knee pop, (weight is on R)
5-6Step fwd L while prepping to the L, Sweep R in front of L completing ¼ turn L,
7&8Swivel R heel out, in, out, with claps, (9:00)

Section 2: ¼ Turn Step, Touch, Step Touch, 2 Heel Jacks
1-2Turn ¼ L stepping R to side, touch L toe forward diagonal,
3-4Step L to side, touch R toe forward diagonal,
&5Step R next to L, Cross L over R,
&6Step R to R side, touch L heel to left forward diagonal,
&7Step L next to R, Cross R over L,
&8Step L to L side, touch R heel to right forward diagonal (12:00)

Section 3: Run Around
4 Count ½ Turn L Run Around

Bend slightly fwd and make a ½ turn L while rolling your hips from L to R, while stepping,
R,L,R,L,R,L,R,L, (6:00)

B- is the first 16 cnts of B (this happens only once)

A- is the first 24 cnts of A , on cnt 24 you need to step down on L to prepare for the Tag
(this happens only once)

Tag - is the 4 count run around in B

Part C last 9 cnts of the music for the finish
Facing the 9:00 wall do the first 8 to face front wall
and stomp R down for cnt 9

See bottom of Page for Video Referencing.

The mp3 and the music video are the same

A Starts on 12:00

A Starts on 9:00

B Starts on 6:00

A Starts on 6:00

B- Starts on 3:00

A Starts on 9:00

A Starts on 6:00

B Starts on 3:00

A Starts on 3:00

A - Starts on 12:00

Tag Starts on 9:00

A Starts on 3:00

A Starts on 12:00

A Starts on 3:00

A Starts on 6:00

C Starts on 9:00

Youtube Video Reference guide.
Just Dance: Footloose 2011 - Full Dance Scene

Part A section 1 - 1:20

Part A section 2 - 1:24

Part A section 3 - 1:28

Part A section 4 - 1:08

Part B section 1 - :51

Part B section 2 - :53

Part B section 3 - 1:18

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