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Lose Yourself In The Rhythm
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I Wanna Dance With You by Stephanie Urbina Jones
Intro: Start after 16 Count, approx. 7 secs – 152bpm

Section 1: R Side Rock/Recover, R Back Rock/Recover, ½ L Hinge, Cross Hold
1-4Rock R side, recover weight on L, rock R back, recover weight on L
5-8Turning ¼ left step R back, turning ¼ left step L side, cross step R over L, hold (6 o’clock)

Section 2: L Side Rock/Recover, ¼ L Back Rock/Recover, L Fwd, R Fwd, ½ L Pivot Turn, R Fwd
1-2Rock L side, recover weight on R
3-4Turning ¼ left rock L back, recover weight on R (3 o’clock)
5-8Step L forward, step R forward, pivot ½ left, step R forward (9 o’clock)

Section 3: Slow Mambos: L Fwd, Hold, R Fwd Rock/Recover, R Back, Hold, L Back Rock/Recover
1-4Step L forward, hold, rock R forward, recover weight on L
5-8Step R back, hold, rock L back, recover weight on R

Section 4: Step ¼ L Into Serpiente
1-2Step L forward, sweeping R from back to front turn ¼ left on L (6 o’clock)
3-4Cross step R over L, step L side
Wall 9 Ending: Dance 28 counts bringing you to front wall add the following:
Step back on R, cha cha cha L/R/L to beat of music
5-6Cross step R behind L, sweep L from front to back
7-8Cross step L behind R, step R side

Section 5: L Cross Step, Hold, R Side, L Together, R Back, Hold, L Side, R Together
1-4Cross step L over R, hold, step R side, step L together
Wall 5 Restart: During wall 5 facing back wall, Restart after 36 counts
5-8Step R back, hold, step L side, step R together

Section 6: L Side, Hold, R Cross Rock/Recover, R Side, Hold, L Cross Rock & Recover
1-4Step L side, hold, cross rock R over L, recover weight on L
Wall 7 Tag / Restart:
During wall 7 facing back wall, add 4 count Tag after 44 counts and Restart facing Front wall
Tag 1-4: Step R side, step L forward, pivot ½ R, step L forward
5-8Step R side, hold, cross rock L over R, recover weight on R

Section 7: L Fwd, ½ L Hitch, R Cross Walk Hold, L Cross Walk Hold, R Fwd Rock/Recover
1-2Step L forward, hitching R up turn ½ left on L (12 o’clock)
3-6Cross step R forward, hold, cross step L forward, hold
7-8Rock R forward, recover weight on L

Section 8: R Back, L Touch, L Step, Hold, R Fwd, ½ L Pivot Turn, R Fwd, L Together
1-4Step R back, touch L slightly forward of R, step L down, hold
5-8Step R forward, pivot ½ left, step R forward, step L together

Tag: At end of Wall 2, facing front wall, do the following 4 count Tag
1-2Sway R, hold
3-4Sway L, hold

Last Update - 22nd Sept 2016

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