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Never B like U
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Jean-Pierre Madge (January 2017)
Never Be Like You – Flume, Kai
Sequence: A – A – B – B – A – A – B – B – C – C – B – B – A – A

Part A : 16 counts
A1: Step, Turn, Sweep, Behind Side Cross Rock, Recover ¼ Turn, Side Rock.
1-2Step R forward (1), ½ L weight on L (2),
3½ L Step R back and sweep L to L (3),
4&5Cross L behind R (4), Step R to R,(&), Cross Rock L over R (5),
6&7Recover on R (6), ¼ L Step L forward (&), Rock R to R side (7).
8Recover weight on both feet (8).

A2: Hands, Step ½ Turn, ½ Out-Out, Step.
e&Quickly extend hands R then L with palms up and elbows close to the body (like saying “So what?”)
aBring hands to the sides of your head
1-2Stretch arms straight up slowly as you bend your knees and look down (1-2),
3-4Lower your elbows and close hands into fists whilst straightening your legs (3-4),
5-6Step R forward (5), ½ L Step L forward (6),
a7&-8½ L Step R back (a), Step L slightly back and Out (7), Step R out (&), Step L forward (8).

Part B: 32 counts
B1: Kick Out-Out, Heels Pop, Behind Side Cross, Out-Out.
1&2Kick R forward (1), Step R out (&), Step L out (2),
&3Pop Heels Up (&), Pop Heels Down (3),
4&Pop R Heel to R (4), Recover (&),
5&Pop L Heel to L (5), Recover with weight (&),
6&7Cross R behind L (6), Step L to L (&), Cross R over L (7),
8&Step L out (8), Step R out (&).

B2: Hands.
1&With R hand grab the bottom of your T-shirt and look down(1), With L hand grab your T-shirt above R hand(&),
2&With R hand grab your T-shirt above L hand (2),With L hand grab your T-shirt above R hand (&),
3-4With R hand open, palm facing down, hit your chin and look up (3), Bring back your head to normal position, your R hand still open and under your chin (4),
5&6Bring your L hand to your R elbow (5), Make ¼ turn R by pivoting L toes then R toes to R (&6), at the same time pulling your R elbow across and letting your R hand slide from under your chin onto your L shoulder.
&7Tap behind your L shoulder twice (&7),
8Let both arms fall to normal position (8).

B3: Walk, Walk, Sweep, Rock ½ Turn, Walk, Walk.
1-2Step R forward (1), Step L forward (2),
3-4Step R forward and start sweeping L slowly forward (3), Sweep L over R(4),
5&6Rock L forward (5), Recover (&), ½ turn L Step L forward (6),
7-8Step R forward (7), Step L forward (8).

B4: Step, Sailor Step x3, Hold.
1Step R to R (1),
2&3Cross L behind R (2), Step R to R (&), Step L to L (3),
4&5Cross R behind L (5), Step L to L(&), Step R to R (6),
6&7Cross L behind R (7), Step R to R (8), Step L to L slightly forward
8Hold (8).

Part C: 16 counts
C1: Walk, Walk, Lunge, Recover, Walk Back, Touch ½ Turn, Sweep, Out-Out.
1&2Step R forward (1), Step L forward (&), Lunge R forward (2),
3Recover (3),
4&5Step R back (4), Step L back (&), Touch R toe back (5)
6-7½ turn R step R forward and Sweep L over R (6), Cross L over R (7),
8&Step R back (8), Step L to L (&)

C2: Cross and Rock and Side, Rock and Side, Rock and Step ½ Turn.
1&Cross R over L (1), Step L to L(&),
2&3Rock R behind L (2), Recover (&), Big step R to R (3),
4&5Rock L behind R (4), Recover (&), Big step L to L (5)
6&7Rock R back (6), Recover (&), Step R forward (7),
8Pivot ½ L Step L forward (8).

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