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People Help The People
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Birdy, - People Help the People
Sequence A,A,B,A,A,B,A,B,A,B.

Part A: Side, together, close, ½ turn check, ¾ turn ronde, ½ turn, weight change.
1RF to Right.
2LF close back RF.
&*1/4 turn left, RF forward.
3Check LF forward (21:00).
4½ Turn RF, Rf step forward.
&½ turn right, LF step back
5¼ turn right, ronde RF (12:00).
6RF cross behind LF.
&¼ turn left, LF forward.
7RF step forward.
0A ¼ turn left, weight on left (18:00).
8weight on RF.
&Weight on LF.
0A Weight on RF

¾ turn pirouette, rock recover, step backwards and hitch knee up, 3/8 turn run forward, walk back, walk back.
1¾ turn pirouette
2Rock RF forward (21:00).
3Recover on LF.
&RF step Back.
0A LF step Back.
4Hitch Rknee up.
0A Turn 3/8
5RF step forward.
&LF step forward.
6RF step forward (14:00).
7LF step back.
8RF step back.

Step back, kick forward, , ½ turn right, walk forward, ½ turn ronde, step back, step out, step out, step back, touch backwards, turn ½, hold or body roll.
1LF step backwards, while doing this kick RF forward.
2Turn ½, RF step forward.
&LF step Forward.
3Turn ½ ronde, weight on RF.
4LF step back.
&½ turn right, RF step Right.
0A LF step left.
5RF step Back, while doing this make body roll back (18:00).
0A LF touch backwards.
6½ turn left.
7Hold or make a body roll 12:00).
8Push right shoulder forward
&Push left shoulder forward.

¼ turn left ronde, ¼ turn right, knee bend belly contraction, arm up, knee hitch, step side, ½ turn, ½ turn, cross forward.
1Weight on LF, ¼ turn left make ronde with RF.
2RF step forward.
&¼ right, LF step left.
3Bend knee’s and contract your belly in.
&Lift up right elbow.
4Straighten right arm and hitch up right knee.
5RF step right.
6LF cross front RF
7½ turn left, RF step back.
8½ turn left, LF step forward.

When part B comes, part A changes at the last 3 counts, the steps will be:
6½ turn left, Lf step left.
&½ turn left, RF step right.
7LF step out to Left.

Part B:
LF hand forward, Right hand forward, 4/4 turn, triple step ronde, cross forward, step side, hitch cross backwards, step side, ¼ turn ronde, cross forward, step backwards, 1/4 turn.
8Point Left hand forward.
&Point Right hand forward
1Right hand hits Left hand, while doing this weight on RF and lock LF behind RF and turn ½ (18:00).
2Weight on LF.
&¼ turn left, Change weight to RF.
3½ turn left, LF step forward, ronde RF.
4RF step forward.
&¼ turn right, LF step left ( 12:00)
5Hitch up Right knee.
6RF cross backwards LF.
&LF step left.
7¼ turn left, RF ronde (21:00).
8RF cross over LF.
&¼ turn right, LF step back.

Ronde, cross forward, ¼ turn step back, 1 1/8 pivot turn, check forward, back, side cross, side, sway.
1turn ¼ right RF step forward, ronde LF(15:00).
2LF cross over RF.
&Turn 1/4 right, RF step back.
3turn ¼ left, LF step forward.
4Turn ¼ left, RF step right.
&Turn ½ left, LF step left.
5RF check front LF (23:00).
6LF step back.
&RF step right.
0A LF cross over RF.
7RF step right.
8Sway weight to lF.

Side, cross, side, sway, 4/4 running turn.
1Sway weight to RF (12:00).
2LF cross over RF.
3RF step right.
4Sway weight to LF.
&Sway weight to RF.
5¼ turn left, LF step forward.
6RF step forward.
7¼ turn left, LF step forward.
8¼ turn left, RF step forward
&¼ turn left, LF cross over RF.

Start again.

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