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Shining In the Night
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Rhoda Lai (Canada) June 2013
Shining in the Night by 2PM
Intro: 48 counts

S1: Press L Side, Recover R, L Side, Touch R, Press R Side, Recover L, R Side, Touch L
1 2 3 4step on the ball of L to L side (bending L knee & angling body to 11:00), recover onto R, step L to the side, touch R beside L (angling body to 1:00)
5 6 7 8step on the ball of R to R side (bending R knee & angling body to 1:00), recover onto L, step R to the side, touch L beside R (angling body to 11:00)

S2: ¼ L, Step Fwd Pivot ½ L, ¼ L, Out, Out, In, In
1 2 3 4¼ L stepping L fwd, step fwd R, pivot ½ L, ¼ L stepping R to the side
5 6 7 8step L fwd to L diagonal, step R fwd to R diagonal, step L back in place, step R in place (funky style) (12:00)

S3: L Dorothy, Side R, heel swivels R L, Travelling Swivels (Heel Toe Heel), ¼ L Hitch L
1 2&step L fwd to L diagonal, lock R behind L, step L slightly fwd
3&4step R to the side, swivel both heels R, swivel both heels L
5 6 7 8swivel both heels R, swivel both toes R, swivel both heels R, ¼ L hitching L (9:00)

S4: L Coaster Step, Fwd R, Side L, R Sailor Step, L Sailor ¼ L
1&2step back L, step R beside L, step fwd L
3 4step fwd R, step L to the side
5&6step R behind L, small side step L, step R to the side
7&8step L behind R, step R slightly to R with ¼ L, step L slightly fwd (6:00)

S5: Press R Fwd, Recover L Kick R, R Coaster Step, L Side /Dip, R Side /Dip
1 2step on the ball of R fwd, push off R into a kick fwd
3&4step back R, step L beside R, step fwd R
5 6step L to the side with a dip, push off L and step to the centre in place
7 8step R to the side with a dip, push off R and step to the centre in place (6:00)

S6: L Step Fwd, Anchor Back, ½ L, Step Fwd Pivot ½ L, Walk R L
1 2&3step L fwd, step R behind L, step L in place, step R slightly back
4½ L stepping L fwd
5 6 7 8step R fwd, pivot ½ L, step R fwd, step L fwd (6:00)

S7: R Fwd, L Together, Knee Pop X 2, Back R, Kick L, Back L, Kick R
1 2step R fwd, step L beside R with a clap (body angling to 7:00)
3 4pop both knees twice (R hand up and snap fingers twice)
5 6 7 8step back R, kick L fwd, step back L, kick R fwd (R hand down and snap fingers while kicking) (6:00)

S8: R Back, L Touch, L Fwd, R Touch, ¼ L Chug x 4
1 2step back R (body leaning back), touch L fwd (R hand up and snap fingers)
3 4step fwd L (body leaning fwd), touch R towards L (L hand in front of body and snap fingers)
5 6 7 8chug on R with ¼ L 4 times ending your weight on R(6:00)

Restart: on the 3rd rotation after S2 (12:00)

Ending: on the 8th rotation, dance up to count 30, do a L Sailor ¾ L to face the front, and nod your head twice to hit the last 2 beats of the music (Optional)

Contact: rhoda_eddie@yahoo.ca - 1(647) 295-3833 - www.laidance.net

Last revision: June 27th 2013
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