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Slow Hands
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Mitzi Day (August 2017)
Slow Hands by Niall Horan
Intro: 16 counts after music starts
Sequence: 24-24-24+Tag1-16-Restart-24-24+Tag2-24-24-24
Right Kick Ball Step, R Mambo Step, L Sweep, R Sweep, Sailor Turn Half Over L.
1&2Kick right foot forward. Step down on ball of right. Step forward on left.
3&4Right foot rocks forward . Recover on left. Step back on right.
5-6Sweep left back. Step down on left foot. Sweep right back and step down on r.(12:00)
7&8Step left foot behind right foot. Step right foot slightly to side. Step left to left side.(6:00)
Point Right Out In Big R Step To R Side. Rock Back On Left Recover Right. Step 1/4 Left. Roll Over Left Shoulder 1/4,1/2 Then1/2 More To Finish With A R Side Rock Recover Touch.
To Explain The Left Roll Easier, When You Finish The Roll You Will End The Side Rock At The Wall That Was At Your Back Where You Started The Points.
1&2Point right toe to right side(1) touch right toe beside left instep(&) big step to right side(2) [6:00]
3&4Rock left behind right foot. Recover on right. Step left 1/4 left.(3:00)
5-6Step right to right side making 1/4 turn left (12:00) Step left 1/2 (6:00)
7&8continue roll by side stepping right 1/2 turn (7)recover weight on left (&)touch right toe to left instep(8)[12:00]
Diagonal R Rock Recover, Right Back Coaster Step, Left Foot Chase Step Turning 1/2 Right , Chug Twice Left 3/4 Turn.
1-2Press right foot at diagonal putting weight on right heel for hip action. Recover weight on left
3&4Step right foot back, step left beside right, step right forward.[12:00]
5&6Step left foot forward, pivot 1/2 with weight on right, step forward on left.[6:00]
7&8With weight on left foot raise right knee up and down twice while turning in a 3/4 circle over left shoulder.[9:00]
TAG1: 1st Tag is at end of third rotation and you will be facing 6:00 when this third rotation starts. This is the chorus. At end of the 24 counts you will be facing 3:00 and will do this 8 ct tag: slide right foot to right side and touch left toe to right instep.(1-2) kick ball change left foot(3&4) Now step left foot to left side and touch right toe(5-6) and use hips to make knees go out right out left.(7-8)For fun you can use your hands spread in front palms facing front on the knee outs. Slow hands. Get it? haha
After 1st Tag you dance 16 cts then Restart. The restart wall will be at 3:00.this is after instrumental section.
TAG2: 2nd TAG is same as 1st but you will be facing 12:00 when the chorus starts on 5th rotation and at end of 24 cts you will be facing 9:00 for the Tag.
Thnx for checking out my dance. Big thnx to Vicki and Yo plus my lovely Knox pals
Contact: mitziandd@gmail.com
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