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Stomp Like Hell
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Phrased Intermediate
Flat Guo & Yan Zi Zhang ,(China) April 2017
"Stomp Like Hell"- Moonshine Bandits - Approx 3.22mins
Count in: 32 Counts - Dance Sequence: AA AB / AA B / AB / AA / End

Part A (32 Counts)
A[1-8] R Point X 2, R Cross, 1/8R Stepping back L, 1/8R R side, L Point X2, L Cross
1-21) R heel Point 2) R heel Point
33) Cross R over L
44) Seep L back ( make 1/8R turn right Stepping back L[1:30]
55) Make 1/8 turn right Stepping R Side[3:00]
6-76) L heel point 7) L heel pint
88) Cross L over R [3:00]

A[9-16] Behind , Side , Cross, Side,Cross, back , Side ,Cross, Side, Cross
11)Cross R behind L 2)Seep L Side
3&43) Cross R over L &) Step L Side 4) Cross R over
55) make 1/8 turn R stepping back L [4:30]
66)make1/8 turn R stepping R side [6:00]
7&87) Cross L over R &) seep R Side 8) Cross L over R

A[17-24] Rocking Chair X2
1-41) cross R over L[4:30] 2) recover weight L 3)make1/8turn L stepping back R[3:00] 4) recover weight L
5-85) cross R over L [1:30] 6) recover weight L 7) make1/8 turn L stepping back R [12:00] 8) recover weight L [12:00]

A[25-32] Fwd, Fwd ,Lock, Fwd, Fwd,1/2 Pivot ,heel Ball Change
1 21) step R forward 2) step L forward
3 43) lock R behind L 4) step L forward [12:00]
5 65)step R forward 6) pivot 1/2 turn L left[ 6:00]
7&87) touch R heel &) stepping in place on ball of R 8) cross L over R [6:00]

Part B (32 counts)
B[1-8] R side, hold, L next , R side, L touch ,L side, hold ,R nest , L side, R touch
1 21) step R side 2) hold
&3&) close L next to R 3) step R side
44) touch L next to R
5 65) Step L side 6) hold
&-7&) close R next to L 7) step L side
88) touch R next to L

B[9-16] Toe Strut X2, back, Recover, Full turn
1 21) step R toe back 2) step R heel down (while shimmy)
3 43) step L toe back 4) step L heel down(while shimmy)
5 65) step R back 6) Recover L
7 87) Make 1/2 turn left stepping R back 8) Make 1/2 turn left stepping L forward

B[17-24] Fwd, Hold, Fwd, Hold, Step 1/2Turn R Pivot, hell Swivel, hell ball Change
1 2 341) step R fwd 2) hold 3) step L fwd 4) hold
5 65)1/4turn R swivel R heel to L [3:00] 6) 1/4turn R swivel L heel to L[6:00]
7&87) touch R heel &) stepping in place on ball of R 8) cross L over R [6:00]

B[25-32] Cross, Point, Cross, Side, Apple Jack Step
1 21) cross R on L 2) point L to L
3 43) cross L on R 4) step R to right side
5 6 785) twist R toe out to R while L heel out to L 6) Recover 7) twist L toe out to R while R heel out to R 8)Recover

Contact ~flat Guo Email: 934997859@qq.com

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