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That's What I'm Doing These Days
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Intermediate NC2S style
Peter Davenport (Nov 2013)
These Days, - Rascal Flatts, [4.17]
16 Count Intro, Start just before he sings “Hey Baby”, Approx 12 Seconds

Step, Mambo Step, Sweep Behind Side Cross,Rock & Cross, Side Behind Side
1Step forward on R [12]
2&3L Mambo step (start to sweep R) [12]
4&5Sweep R behind L, Step L to L, Cross R over L [12]
6&7Rock L out to L, Recover on R, Cross L over R [12]
8&1Step R to R, Cross L behind R, Step R to R (rock R to R) [12]

Sway RL, Sailor ¼ R, Step L, Modified Coaster Step,
2,3Sway hips L,R [12]
4&5Sailor ¼ L [9]
6Step forward on R [9]
7&8&1Rock forward on L, Recover on R,Step back on L, Bring R to L, [9] Step forward on L (weight on L)

Pivot ½, Sweep Behind Side Cross, Side Rock Cross,Side Together Forward
2,3Step on R, Pivot ½ L, (weight on R) [3]
4&5Sweep L behind R, Step R to R , Cross L over R [3]
6&7Rock R out to R, Recover on L, Cross R over L [3]
8&1Step L to L, Bring R to L, Step L forward [3]

Rock Replace, Sailor ¾ R Cross, Sdie Together Forward, Touch
2,3Rock forward on R, Recover on L [3]
4&5Sailor ¾ R, (cross R over L) [12]
6&7Step L to L, Bring R to L, Step L forward [12]
8Touch R to L [12]

Walk Back RLR, Sailor ¾ L Step, Rock & Cross, Rock & Cross
1,2,3Walk back R,L,R (stroll) [12]
4&5L Sailor ¾ cross [3]
6&7R rock & cross [3]
8&1L rock & cross [3]

¼ Step R ¼ Step R, Modified Lock Step, Rock & Side
2,3¼ L step back R, ¼ L step L to L [9]
4&5&Step fowrard on R 4, Lock L behind R &, Step on R 5, Step L to L & [9]
6&7Lock R behind L 6, Step on L &, Step R to R 7,
(make step look like a wizard step moving R diagonal to L diagonal) [9]
8&1Cross L over R , Recover on R, Step L to L [9]

Behind ¼ Step, Step ½ Step, Forward Mambo Step, Step Back Hook
2&3Cross R behind L, ¼ L step on L, step on R [6]
4&5Step forward on L, Pivot ½ R, Step on L [12]
6&7Rock forward on R, Recover on L, Step back on R [12]
&8&Step back on L, Step back on R, Hinge ½ L step on L [6]

*Tag End Of Wall 4
At the end of wall 4, the music holds you for 2 counts, slow walk RL restart the dance

*Change of Step & Restart Wall 5
Dance up to and including 2,on section 6, change count 3 step forward L & HOLD 2 counts to catch the music for the restart the dance from count 1. (Tricky ! just listen & you will hear)

Contact: peterdavenport@hotmail.com

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