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The Galway Fiddler
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Don Pascual - October 2017
The Galway Fiddler (Philip English)
Start on vocals (16 counts beginning when the fiddle is playing) No Tag, No Restart.

Sect 1: R toe to the R, L hitch, L ball beside R , R kick ball step (stomp), R cross rock step fwd, R side rock step, R ¼ T into a R sailor step
1&2&: Point R toe to the R, R foot beside L hitching L, tap L ball beside R, L foot beside R (weight on L)
3&4: Kick R forward, R ball beside L, stomp L forward
5&6&: Rock R over L, recover onto L, rock R to R side, recover onto L
7&8: (Making a R ¼ T) Cross R ball behind L, L ball to the L, R foot slightly forward (R diagonal)

Sect 2:L scuff hitch heel fwd, R scuff hitch stomp fwd, syncopated weave to the R, L heel fwd
1&2&: L scuff forward, hitch L making a R hop forward, L heel forward, L beside R (weight on L)
3&4: R scuff forward, hitch R making a L hop forward, stomp R forward
5&6&7: Cross L over R, step R to the R, cross L behind R, step R to the R, cross L over R
&8: Step R to the R, L heel forward (L diagonal)

Sect 3: L toe to the L, R&L heel switches, clap x 2, R ¼ T into a R modified monterey turn, L toe to the L, clap X 2
1&2&3: Point L toe to the L, L foot beside R, R heel forward, R beside L, L heel forward
&4: Clap, clap
&5&6&7: L beside R, point R to R side, ¼ T right on ball of L foot stepping R beside L, point L to L side, touch L toe beside R, point L to L side
&8: Clap, clap

Sect 4: L sailor step, L hop, R heel, L hop backward, stomp up R, (making a L ¾ T): R heel L toe R toe L stomp
1&2: Cross L ball behind R, R ball to R side, step L slighly backward (L diagonal)
&3: L hop backward hitching R, tap R heel forward
&4: L hop backward hitching R, stomp up R beside L (weight on L)
5&6&: R heel forward, L ¼ T & R beside L, tap L toe beside R, L¼ T & L beside R
7&8: Tap R toe beside L, L ¼ T & R beside L, stomp L beside R

Have fun with this dance...

Contact: countryscal@gmail.com

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