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Whiskey Lullaby
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Low Intermediate NC
Ina Pedersen & Bjarne Frederiksen (Den Gale Cowboy) June 2017
Whiskey Lullaby by Brad Paisley (feat. Alison Krauss) iTunes
#16 Count Intro

TAG: 4 Count Tag after walls 1,3,4
(Cross rock, side right over left, cross rock, side left over right – 1-2-&-3-4-&)

(S.1) Cross rock side, cross rock side, step, step 1/2 turn step, triple full turn.
1-2&cross rock right over left (1), recover on left(2), step right to right side(&)
3-4&cross rock left over right(3), recover on right(4), step left to left side(&)
5-6&7step fwd on right(5), step fwd on left(6), make a ½ turn right(&), step fwd on left(7)
8&1make at triple full turn over left stepping right(8), left(&), right(1) to facing (6:00)

(S.2) Rock recover 3/8, step lock step, pivot 5/8, behind side cross.
2&3rock fwd on left(2), recover on right(&), turn 3/8 on left(3) to facing (13:30)
4&5step fwd on right(4), lock left behind right(&), step fwd on right(5)
6&7step fwd on left(6), pivot 5/8 over right(&), step left to left side(7) to facing (10:30)
8&1step right behind left(8), step left to left side(&), cross right over left(1) to facing (12:00 )

(S.3) ¼ turn ¼ turn cross, ¼ turn ¼ turn cross, sway sway, behind side cross.
2&3make a ¼ turn stepping back on left(2), make a ¼ turn stepping fwd on right(&), cross left over right(3) to be facing (6:00)
4&5make a ¼ turn stepping stepping back on right(4), make a ¼ turn stepping fwd on left(&), cross right over left(5) to be facing (12:00)
6-7sway to left side(6), sway to right side(7)
8&1step left behind right(8), step right to right side(&), cross left over right(1)

(S.4) ¼ turn back back, back mambo, rock recover ¼ sway, side together.
2&3make a ¼ turn stepping back on right(2), step back on left(&), step back on right(3)
4&5rock back left(4), recover on right(&) step left next to right(5)
6&7rock fwd on right(6), recover on left(&), make a ¼ turn sway on right(7) to be facing (12:00)
8&step left to left side(8), step right next to left(&)

(S.5) Basic nightclub left, basic nightclub right, ¼ turn ½ turn step, fwd mambo, ¼ turn.
1-2&large step on left to left side(1), rock back on right(2), recover on left slightly crossing over right(&)
3-4&large step on right to right side(3), rock back on left(4), recover on right slightly crossing over left(&)
5&6make a ¼ turn stepping back on left(5), make a ½ turn stepping fwd on right(&), step fw on left(6)
7&8&rock fwd on right(7), recover on left(&), step right next to left(8), make a ¼ turn stepping left to left side(&)to be facing (6:00)


Contact: i34pedersen@gmail.com

Last Update - 12th June 2017
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