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CopperKnob New Website


We have changed the website to better support mobile devices, the old website was written only for desktop computers and wasn't friendly to multiple devices.

There are now 3 different layouts of the website which are displayed depending on what kind of device you are using to look at CopperKnob. These are Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop.

Mobile Layout

Tablet Layout

Desktop Layout

How to change layout on mobile devices

Some users may prefer to view the Desktop layout on their mobile devices, this will give a similar feel to the old CopperKnob website. To do this scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page. You will see the text “Desktop Version”. Clicking on this will change the layout. Please note that this option will only show if you are actually using a mobile device.

Layout Options

If you wish to return to mobile layout then again scroll all the way down to the bottom, and now you will see “Mobile Version”. Clicking on this returns the layout to the default layout for mobile devices.

Website Colour Setting

The new colour scheme for the CopperKnob content areas is now light grey with orange text. If Users prefer the classic colours of Brown with White/Yellow text, this can be selected by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking on “Classic Colours”. To return back to the default colour scheme click in the same area on “Standard Colours”.

Colour Options

Website functionality is identical when using either “Classic Colours” or “Standard” Colours.

Website Language Setting

CopperKnob can be displayed in multiple languages. Currently the supported languages are English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, German, and French.

The page language can be changed at any point whilst browsing the website, this can be done by using the language bar on the top of every page. Click on the flag appropriate to the desired language, and your currently viewed page will be converted to that language. Please note that this will not convert the content of the currently viewed stepsheet, only the user interface.

Language Bar
Stepsheet Search

The search for stepsheets feature is found on the homepage, labelled “Linedance Stepsheet Search”. Enter your search key words such as the title of a dance or the name of a choreographer and click the search button, this looks like an icon of a magnifying glass. You will now see a list of all matches to you search query from the database. Select any stepsheet to view.

Basic Search

More advanced search options are now available via the drop down tab. Click on the “MORE” arrow just under the keyword search text box. This will open up various additional options. These are Count, Level, Wall, Language and Search Type.

Advanced Search

After you have entered you search key words, just alter the various dropdown options to further narrow down your search results. E.G. you can enter Maggie Gallagher in the Key words, select 32 as the count, and finally select Level as Beginner. After you search this will only display the search results matching your additional criteria.

By default the CopperKnob search searches on Title, Music and Choreographer. This makes it easier to perform a quick search for anything without changing the options. However if you see too many search results or too many irrelevant results, then please change the Search Type dropdown to select if you wish to search for either Title, Music or Choreographer before pressing the search button.

Ordering Search Results

After completing a search and you can see the list of results, you will notice 3 icons on the right side of the 1st line of results.

Search Order Icons

These icons from left to right are: A-Z order, Title Length Order, and Date added to CopperKnob order. By clicking on each of these icons the results order will be changed accordingly.

* Length Order Tip: When searching for a short keyword such as “Us” or “Love”, this can appear in the title of many stepsheet titles. In this situation it is best to use the Title Length Order, This will place the titles where the full dance name is “Us” or “Love” at the start of the list, making it much easier to find the dance needed.

* Date Order Tip: Sometimes you may be looking for a particular choreographers most recent stepsheet. By using the choreographers name as the keyword and then ordering the results by Date Order, this will place that choreographers most recent addition to CopperKnob at the top of the list.

Suggestions/Improvements for CopperKnob

If you have any suggestions or improvements for CopperKnob then please let us know by using the Contact Us form on the website. Also if there are any areas or features of the CopperKnob website you really dislike then please let us know.

May 15, 2020