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31 Reasons you know you're a linedancer


1. You always start counting with 5,6,7,8. [ or 4,5,6. ]
2. You Grape Vine down your Super Market Isles.
3. You have a Neon Light Tan Line.
4. You have a separate closet for your dance cloths.
5. Mumble things in your sleep like " One more time " .
6. Know you can't eat anything off a Grape Vine.
7. Know the difference between Sheplers, Cheyenne, and Drysdales, or even know what they are.
8. Wear a belt buckle that costs more than your first car.
9. Try to purchase a Hamburger with some "Kick-Ball-Change"
10. You own one or more pair of Bowling Shoes and don't have a ball, and can't find the alley.
11. Watch Friday night T.V. on Sunday.
12. The bar you dance at goes broke because you only order water.
13. Foreplay is 5, 6, 7, 8.
14. Your hands go into your pockets every time you hear country music.
15. Your boots match your outfit.
16. Your work boots have Fringe.
17. You break your leg building a dance hall.
18. You look up while dancing and everyone else is doing the wrong dance.
19. You watch your feet while dancing.
20. Perspiration drips off the end of your nose.
21. You ride 10 miles on a mountain bike and still go dancing that night.
22. You don't have a willing partner.
23. Your wife stomps her foot and you don't pay attention.
24. A Trashy Women is a dance, not someone you find in a bar.
25. Ty England is a performer, not a geographical location.
26. Garth Brooks is a singer, not a retirement community.
27. Pigeon toes don't refer to birds.
28. You don't fish with a swivel.
29. A jazz box is not a New Orleans honky tonk.
30. Patty Loveless is a person, not a condition.
31. You talk with your feet and not your hands.

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