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South Korea
+82 10 5510 7818
K.OKee has choreographed 10 dances, of which none have been co-choreographed. Their first published stepsheet on CopperKnob is Believe In Me (나만 믿어요) from April 2020, with their most recent stepsheet of Note Of Youth(젊음의 노트) in January 2021.

Choreographer Stepsheets

Note of Youth(젊음의 노트)  K.OKee (KOR) - January 2021

    76 Count    1 Wall    Phrased Beginner   Music: Note of Youthfulness [젊음의 노트] - Yu MiRi [유미리]

Yeonan Pier (연안부두)  K.OKee (KOR) - December 2020

    32 Count    4 Wall    Improver   Music: Yeonan Pier - Kim Trio

Tequila (데킬라)  K.OKee (KOR) - December 2020

    64 Count    2 Wall    Easy Intermediate   Music: Tequila [데킬라] - Park Gangseong

Forever (영영)  K.OKee (KOR) - May 2020

    32 Count    2 Wall    Improver   Music: 영영 ( Forever ) by 임영웅 (YoungWoongLim / Korea)

Wandering Life (부초 같은 인생)  K.OKee (KOR) - May 2020

    32 Count    4 Wall    Beginner   Music: 부초같은 인생 ( Life like a floating weed ) by 임영웅 (YoungWoongLim / Korea)

Painful Good-Bye Ez (총 맞은 것처럼)  K.OKee (KOR) - May 2020

    32 Count    4 Wall    Beginner   Music: 총맞은 것처럼 ( Love Hurts Like A Gunshot ) by 백지영 ( Ji young Baek / Korea)

Finger Heart (손가락 하트)  K.OKee (KOR) - May 2020

    32 Count    2 Wall    Phrased High Beginner   Music: 손가락 하트 (Finger Heart) by 노지훈 (Jihoon Noh / Korea)

    32 Count    2 Wall    Intermediate NC2S   Music: 세월 베고 길게 누운 구름 한조각( A piece of cloud long lying on a pillow of years) by 임영웅 (YoungWoong Lim / Korea)

    32 Count    4 Wall    High Beginner NC2S   Music: Trust Me Only By YoungWoongLim / Korea

Believe in Me (나만 믿어요)  K.OKee (KOR) - April 2020

    48 Count    2 Wall    High Improver NC2S   Music: YoungWoong Lim - Trust Me Only (임영웅) / Korea


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