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Miquel Menéndez

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Choreographer Stepsheets

Everything But Nothin'  Miquel Menéndez (ES) - May 2019

    32 Count    4 Wall    Beginner / Improver ECS   Music: I Ain't Got Nothin' - Willie Nelson (Album: Last Man Standing)

Rocks  Miquel Menéndez (ES) & Kelli Haugen (NOR) - December 2017

    32 Count    4 Wall    Easy Intermediate   Music: "Rocks" by Life Of Dillon - 119 bpm

Lovin' Life  Miquel Menéndez (ES) & Kelli Haugen (NOR) - November 2016

    32 Count    2 Wall    Novice - Polka   Music: I Love This Life - LOCASH

Stand By Us  Adrian Churm (UK), Andrew Palmer (UK), Sheila Palmer (UK), Debbie Ellis (ES), Chris Hodgson (UK), Jef Camps (BEL), Miquel Menéndez (ES) & Gary O'Reilly (IRE) - May 2016

    32 Count    4 Wall    Easy Intermediate   Music: Stand by Me - Geeno Smith (Album: Geeno Smith.)

Keep My Cool  Daniel Trepat (NL), José Miguel Belloque Vane (NL), Roy Verdonk (NL), Laura BARTOLOMEI (FR), Guillaume RICHARD (FR) & Miquel Menéndez (ES) - November 2015

    32 Count    4 Wall    Intermediate   Music: "Keep My Cool" by Madcon

Try Me  Laura BARTOLOMEI (FR) & Miquel Menéndez (ES) - November 2015

    48 Count    2 Wall    Low Intermediate   Music: Try Me by Jason Derulo feat. Jennifer Lopez

Heartwork  Miquel Menéndez (ES) - July 2015

    32 Count    2 Wall    Intermediate   Music: Heartwork - Justin Garner

Night Changes  Roy Verdonk (NL), José Miguel Belloque Vane (NL) & Miquel Menéndez (ES) - June 2015

    32 Count    2 Wall    Intermediate NC2S   Music: Night Changes - One Direction

Come Home With Me  Roy Verdonk (NL) & Miquel Menéndez (ES) - June 2015

    96 Count    0 Wall    Phrased Intermediate   Music: "Come Home With Me" by Guy Sebastian

Moving Rodeo  Roy Verdonk (NL) & Miquel Menéndez (ES) - April 2015

    66 Count    2 Wall    Easy Intermediate   Music: Blue Rodeo - Casino - Montreal

Shove It  Roy Verdonk (NL) & Miquel Menéndez (ES) - April 2015

    32 Count    4 Wall    Improver   Music: Shove It - Audrey Auld

Tippy Tippy Toes  José Miguel Belloque Vane (NL), Miquel Menéndez (ES) & Christina Boudewijns - March 2015

    32 Count    4 Wall    Beginner   Music: Tippy Toes - Robin Thicke

Anything Like You  Miquel Menéndez (ES) - December 2014

    48 Count    4 Wall    Improver - waltz motion   Music: Never Seen Anything "Quite Like You" - The Script

Hall Of Fame  Roy Verdonk (NL) & Miquel Menéndez (ES) - December 2014

    32 Count    2 Wall       Music: Hall of Fame - Gavin Mikhail

We Are Brave  Miquel Menéndez (ES) - December 2014

    32 Count    4 Wall    Intermediate   Music: Brave by Shawn McDonald

She Wants A Cowboy  Miquel Menéndez (ES) - October 2014

    32 Count    4 Wall    Beginner / Intermediate Cha Cha   Music: She Wants a Cowboy - Dustin Lynch

Waiting For A Change   Miquel Menéndez (ES) - April 2013

    32 Count    2 Wall    Intermediate Smooth WCS   Music: "Waiting For The World To Change" by John Mayer

Shakin' Your Head  Miquel Menéndez (ES) - November 2012

    32 Count    4 Wall    Newcomer / Novice - Funky motion   Music: "Shakin' my Head" de Detail feat. Flo-Rida

Boogie For Me  Miquel Menéndez (ES) - August 2010

    48 Count    2 Wall    Newcomer - Novelty   Music: The Dirty Boogie - The Brian Setzer Orchestra

Let's Go Bob  Miquel Menéndez (ES)

32 Count    4 Wall    Beginner / Intermediate (Polka Rhythm)   Music: The Right to Remain Silent - Doug Stone

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