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Thomas C. Tam

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Thomas C. Tam has choreographed 63 dances, of which 6 have been co-choreographed. Their first published stepsheet on CopperKnob is Your Name On High from Feburary 2008, with their most recent stepsheet of Candle In The Dark in October 2019.

Choreographer Stepsheets

Candle In The Dark  Thomas C. Tam (CAN) - October 2019

    32 Count    2 Wall    Intermediate   Music: When You Tell Me That You Love Me - Diana Ross

Dying Inside  Thomas C. Tam (CAN) - June 2019

    32 Count    4 Wall    Improver   Music: (Dying Inside) To Hold You - Timmy Thomas

Never Ending Story  Thomas C. Tam (CAN) - November 2018

    28 Count    4 Wall    Improver   Music: I Love You More Than Yesterday - Daniel Lopes

I Thank You  Thomas C. Tam (CAN) - October 2017

    28 Count    2 Wall    Beginner   Music: I Believe by Rebecca Arthur

Bella Romantica  Thomas C. Tam (CAN) - November 2017

    48 Count    4 Wall    Improver Viennese waltz   Music: Bella Romantica - Semino Rossi : (Album: Best of Semino Rossi)

Don't Give Up  Thomas C. Tam (CAN) - June 2017

    32 Count    4 Wall    Beginner   Music: Don't Give Up - Modern Talking : (Album: You're My Heart, You're My Soul)

Amorcito  Thomas C. Tam (CAN) - January 2017

    32 Count    4 Wall    Beginner   Music: Amorcito Corazón - Eydie Gorme : (Album: Tesoros de Coleccion: Eydie Gorme)

You Are My Paradise  Thomas C. Tam (CAN) - September 2016

    32 Count    4 Wall    High Beginner   Music: You Are My Paradise - Mark Ashley : (Album: Give Me A Chance)

Lord of the Dance  Thomas C. Tam (CAN) & Shirley Tam (CAN) - September 2016

    32 Count    4 Wall    Beginner   Music: Lord of the Dance - The Dubliners : (Album: 40 Years)

You Are Loved  Thomas C. Tam (CAN) - May 2016

    32 Count    4 Wall    Improver   Music: You Are Loved (Don't Give Up) - Josh Groban

My Starlight  Thomas C. Tam (CAN) - January 2016

    32 Count    4 Wall    Improver   Music: Only You by Peter Hewlett & Josie Aiello

The Prayer Waltz  Thomas C. Tam (CAN) - October 2015

    48 Count    4 Wall    Improver   Music: The Prayer by Vio Friedman (Album: The Most Beautiful Songs for Dancing 2000)

Dangerous Dream  Thomas C. Tam (CAN) - August 2015

    66 Count    4 Wall    Easy Intermediate   Music: Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Thomas Anders

My Heart And Soul  Thomas C. Tam (CAN) - June 2015

    64 Count    4 Wall    Improver   Music: You're My Heart, You're My Soul by Thomas Anders (Album: Songs Forever)

Let Peace Be There  Thomas C. Tam (CAN) - January 2015

    32 Count    4 Wall    Improver   Music: Paz na Cama - Leandro & Leonardo : (Album: Volume 5 - Leandro and Leonardo - 3:31)

Your Eyes  Thomas C. Tam (CAN) - January 2015

    32 Count    4 Wall    Improver   Music: Não Olhe Assim - Leandro & Leonardo : (Album: Sonho por Sonho - 3:17)

My Simple Waltz  Thomas C. Tam (CAN) - August 2014

    24 Count    4 Wall    Absolute Beginner   Music: When You Taught Me How To Dance by Kate Melua (Miss Potter – OST)

Beyond Words  Thomas C. Tam (CAN) - August 2014

    32 Count    4 Wall    Beginner   Music: The Moon Represents My Heart (月亮代表我的心) - Teresa Teng (鄧麗君)

An Evening Prayer  Thomas C. Tam (CAN) & Shirley Tam (CAN) - July 2014

    32 Count    4 Wall    Beginner   Music: An Evening Prayer - Carroll Roberson

Maybe We Can  Thomas C. Tam (CAN) - April 2014

    64 Count    2 Wall    Intermediate   Music: Maybe by Valentina Monetta (radio or ESC version)

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