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Tjwan Oei
Tjwan Oei


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Choreographer Stepsheets

Too Soon To Know  Tjwan Oei (Jan 2014)

    48 Count    4 Wall    Novice / Intermediate waltz   Music: Too soon to know by Mandy Barnett

Two Strangers Falling   Tjwan Oei & Marja Urgert (Jan. 2016)

    64 Count    4 Wall    Intermediate   Music: Two Strangers Falling "By" Smokie

Waltz of the Wind  Marja Urgert & Tjwan Oei (Sept 2014)

    48 Count    4 Wall    Newcomer waltz   Music: The waltz of the wind – by Gene Vincent

Waltz Of The Wind (P)  Marja Urgert & Tjwan Oei ( Oct 2014 )

    48 Count    0 Wall    Novice - Side by Side Partner   Music: The Waltz of the Wind by Gene Vincent

What'll I Do  Tjwan Oei (April 2019)

    64 Count    1 Wall    Novice - Country   Music: What'll I Do by Brennen Leigh

Whatever It Takes  Tjwan Oei (June 2019)

    96 Count    4 Wall    Phrased Novice   Music: Whatever It Takes – by Erin Hay

Wild One   Tjwan Oei & Marja Urgert (May 2016)

    48 Count    4 Wall    Novice   Music: Wild One "By" Sandy & The Wild Wombats

Yaki Taki Oooowah  Tjwan Oei (Nov 2016)

    160 Count    4 Wall    Phrased Intermediate - Non-Country   Music: Yaki Taki Oooowah by Wendy Woop

Yellow Wine   Marja Urgert & Tjwan Oei (Feb 2015)

    64 Count    4 Wall    Novice   Music: Yellow wine "By" Pauline Reese

Yesterday's Rain  Tjwan Oei (Nov 2016)

    48 Count    4 Wall    Newcomer waltz   Music: Yesterday's Rain by Joy Ford

You Are My Flower  Tjwan Oei (April 2014)

    32 Count    4 Wall    Newcomer   Music: You Are My Flower by Ed Brodie

You Don't Have To Be Present To Win  Tjwan Oei (April 2019)

    48 Count    2 Wall    Novice Country   Music: You Don't Have to Be Present to Win by Brennen Leigh

You Were Right  Tjwan Oei (March 2017)

    48 Count    2 Wall    Novice - Country   Music: You Were Right by Curtis Grambo

You'll Never See Me Crawl  Tjwan Oei (May 2017)

96 Count    4 Wall    Phrased Intermediate   Music: You'll Never See Me Crawl – by Billy Yates

You've Still Got A Place In My Heart  Tjwan Oei (February 2018)

    32 Count    2 Wall    Novice - Country   Music: You've still got a place in my Heart – by Anita Stapleton

Your Pretty Brown Eyes  Tjwan Oei (Jan 2017)

    32 Count    4 Wall    Newcomer   Music: Your Pretty Brown Eyes – by Gloria

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