Honky Tonk Player

Janene Lawson (QLD Australia) November 2019
Playin' Every Honky Tonk In Town by the Hillybilly Soul (Country Gals)Album: Pickin' Wild Flowers. Single - iTunes

Track Time: 2.45 Intro: 16 Counts (Start On Vocals) (No Tags or Restarts)

[1 – 8] Shuffle Right, Rock Back, Recover. Shuffle Left, Rock Back, Recover
1 – 4Shuffle to the Right, R,L,R. Rock back on Left foot. Recover on Right
5 – 8Shuffle to the Left, L,R,L. Rock back on Right foot. Recover on Left.

[9 – 16] Cross Point Forward x 2, Back Point x 2
9 -12Step Right in front of L, Point Left toe to L side, step Left in front of R, Point Right toe to R side.
13-16Step back on right, point left to L side, step back on left, Point Right to R side.

[17-24] 2 x Side Touches, ¼ Turn L To The Count of 4
17-21Step Right to right side, Touch Left beside right foot, Step left to left side, Touch Right beside left foot.
22-24¼ turn left for count of 4. R,L,R,L.

[25-32] Mambo Forward, Mambo Back
25-28Step forward on R, dropping R knee, take weight back on L, step R beside L,
29-32Step back on L, dropping L knee, take weight back on R, Step L beside R.

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