Where You Think You're Goin'? (With My Heart)

Ultra Beginner
Janene Lawson – December 2019
Where You Think You're Goin'? - Darryl Worley. Album: I Miss My Friend

No Tags No Restarts. Track time: 3:43
Start weight on left, start on lyrics.

Touch Point Side Step Right, Touch Point Side Step: Left
1-2Point R toes out to R side, step R along side L, changing weight onto R
3,4Point L toes out to L side, step L anlongside R, changing weight to L
5,8Repeat Counts 1-4

4 Heel Struts Fwd: Right, Left, Right, Left
1, 2Touch R Heel Fwd, Snap Down R Toe Stepping Fwd
3, 4Touch L Heel Fwd, Snap down L Toe Stepping Fwd
5, 6Touch R Heel Fwd, Snap down R toe Stepping Fwd
7, 8Touch L Heel Fwd, Snap Down L Toe Stepping Fwd

Supremes' slide step together, step, tap right and left, ¼ turn:
1,2Step R to R side, step L alongside R,
3,4Step R to R side, changing weight onto R.
5,6Step L to L side, step R alongside L
7,8step L to L side, . turn touch on R.
(Supremes: moving arms (low) and body like the Temptations)

Diagonal Fwd Stomp, Back Stomp, Diagonal Back Stomp, Fwd Stomp
1,2Step R Fwd To R Diagonal, Stomp L beside R
3,4Step L Back, Stomp R beside L
5,6Step R Back To R Diagonal, Stomp L Beside R
7,8Step L Fwd, StompR Beside L

Happy Dancin' ♫♪♫♫♪♫

December 2019, Bossy Boots Dancin' Fun, Brisbane Australia
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