John Sandham (ES) & Janette Sandham
Restless - Bob McKinley

Position: Side By Side holding hands, opposite steps throughout all steps are for man
1-2-3&4Walk forward on left, right, now turn to face each other on cha-cha steps left, right, left, (turn with a swinging motion & tough forward hands)
5-6-7&8Cross right, behind left step to the side on left, turn forward on cha-cha steps right, left, right, (again turn with a swinging motion)
9-10-11&12Step forward on left, cross right behind left, (swinging to face each other) then cha-cha forward on left, right, left, (swinging forward)
13-14-15&16Step forward on right, then left, cha-cha step forward on right, left, right (remember: lady is on opposite foot throughout)
17-18-19&20Left foot step to the side, slide right up to left, cha-cha step on left, right, left, (making ¼ turn to man's left. You are now back to back)
21-22-23&24Step forward on right foot, make ½ turn to left pivoting on both feet, and cha-cha step towards each other on right, left, right
Closed position
25-26-27&28MAN: Rock forward on left, then back on right, cha-cha step backwards on left, right, left
 LADY: Rock back then forward, & cha-cha, cha, always on the opposite foot
Still in closed position
29-32MAN: Rock backwards on to right foot, then forward on to left, and cha-cha forward on right, left, right
 LADY: Start by rocking forward, then back, then cha-cha step backwards
Break the hold with man's right (lady's left) & form an arch with man's left hand still holding lady's right
33-36Man steps through the arch on step left, then right, then make ½ turn to man's left on cha-cha steps on left, right, left
You have now changed places & facing each other. Change hands take lady's left hand with your right
37-40MAN: Change places again stepping right, then left, now make a ¼ turn right, to face forward on right, left, right
 LADY: Opposite feet & making ¼ turn to left