My Pledge (Is My Bond)

David and Janene Lawson. (May 2014)
Man of My Word - Collin Raye. Album: Extremes.

Start: Weight on left, start on lyrics.

[1 - 8] Side rock, behind side cross, side rock ¾ triple turn left:
1 - 2Rock R to R side, recover to L,
3 & 4Step R behind L, step L to L side, Step R in front of L,
5 - 6Rock L to L side, recover to R.
7 & 8Turn ¾ L, triple step L, R, L.

[9 - 16] Rock forward, recover, slow sweep, slow sweep, coaster step, shuffle forward:
1 – 2Rock forward on R, recover to L,
3 - 4Sweep R around to R and behind L, Sweep L around to L and behind R
5 & 6Step R back, step L alongside R, step R forward.
7 & 8Shuffle forward L, R, L.

[17 - 24] Step ¼ pivot, cross shuffle, step back ¼ turn, step back, coaster step:
1 - 2Step R forward, pivot ¼ turn L,
3 & 4Cross R in front of L, step L to L side, cross R in front of L,
5 - 6Step L back, turning ¼ R, step R back,
7 & 8Step L back, step R alongside L, step L forward,

[25 - 32] Shuffle forward, step ¼ pivot, cross samba, cross samba:
1 & 2Shuffle forward R, L, R,
3 - 4Step L forward, pivot ¼ turn R,
5 & 6Cross L over R, rock onto R, recover to L,
7 & 8Cross R over L, rock onto L, recover to R.

[33 - 34] Shuffle forward, hitch:
1 & 2 &Shuffle forward L, R, L, hitch R knee across left.

Repeat on new wall.

Restart: On wall 4 (facing 6:00), dance to count 16, then start again.
Note: After the restart, you will be dancing to the side walls.

Happy Dancin'