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A Touch Of Love 愛的印記  Simon Ward (Aus) July 07

    32 Count    2 Wand    Intermediate   Musik: Slow Hand by The Pointer Sisters

A B CORNER  Val Myers

    16 Count    1 Wand    Beginner level   Musik: I Need You by Lee Ann Womack [ CD: Something Worth Leaving Behind ]

A BORING GAME  BM Leong (Malaysia) May 07

    32 Count    4 Wand    Beginner/Intermediate level   Musik: Wu Liao De You Xi by Han Bao Yi

A Sugary Treat (Fr)  Lesley Clark – Ecosse – juin 2012

    36 Count    4 Wand    Débutant   Musik: « Candyman » – Christina Aguilera

A & A On Our Mind  Nathalie Martin (Aug 2013)

    48 Count    4 Wand    Intermediate   Musik: "Last Thing On My Mind" by Ronan Keating & Leann Rimes. (cd:Turn It On, Ronan Keating) 102 bpm

A & A On Our Mind (Fr)  Nathalie Martin (Aug 2013)

    48 Count    4 Wand    Intermédiaires - WCS   Musik: "Last Thing On My Mind" by Ronan Keating & Leann Rimes. (cd:Turn It On; Ronan Keating) 102 bpm

A 'Be Together' Night  Jan Wyllie, Hervey Bay, Qld., Australia (Nov 2010)

    32 Count    2 Wand    Easy Intermediate   Musik: It's A Be Together Night by David Frizzell & Shellie West (120bpm)

A (IN THE WATER)  John Robinson & Pepper Siquieros

0 Count    1 Wand    Intermediate   Musik: Something In The Water by Jeffrey Steele

A - B 'L'  Val Myers

    16 Count    1 Wand    Beginner   Musik: Lucille by The Deans

A - B Bad Boys  Lesley Clark (Scotland Jan 2011)

    16 Count    4 Wand    Absolute Beginner   Musik: Bad Boys by Alexandra Burke

A - B CLASSIC  Ian Forster

32 Count    1 Wand    beginner   Musik: The Way I Am by Brushwood

A - B COPYCAT  Val Myers

    16 Count    2 Wand    beginner   Musik: Family Tree by Darryl Worley

A - B CORNER  Val Myers

    16 Count    1 Wand    Beginner   Musik: I Need You by Lee Ann Womack

A - B TICKET  Val Myers

    32 Count    1 Wand    beginner   Musik: One Way Ticket by LeAnn Rimes

A - B WALTZ  Val Myers

    24 Count    1 Wand    Beginner waltz   Musik: Halos And Horns by Dolly Parton

A - B WHIRL  Val Myers

    24 Count    2 Wand    Beginner   Musik: Dance! Shout! by Wynonna

A - OK  Séverine Fillion (France, May 2012)

    32 Count    2 Wand    Intermediate   Musik: « A-OK » by Neal McCoy (Album: Twelve)

A - Z  Pat Stott

32 Count    4 Wand    beginner/intermediate   Musik: Oh Lonesome Me by Crystal Gayle

A 1 ON THE JUKEBOX  Therssa Needham

64 Count    4 Wand    Intermediate level   Musik: A-1 On The Jukebox by BR 5-49, (160 BPM) CD: Dogdays

36 Count    4 Wand    beginner/intermediate   Musik: A Thousand Miles From Nowhere by Dwight Yoakam

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