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Ladies In The 90s

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Heather Barton (SCO) - May 2019
Ladies In The '90s - Lauren Alaina : (iTunes)
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Intro: 32 count

Section 1 [1-8] Walk R, L, Anchor Step, Tap Unwind L 1/2 , Chasse 1/4 L
1,2Walk fwd R, Walk fwd L.
3&4Rock R behind L, Rec L, step back R
5,6Tap L Toe back, 1/2 unwind over L shoulder, weight on L (6 o’clock)
7&81/4 turn L step R to R side, place L beside R, Step R to R side (3 o’clock)

Section 2 [9-16] Sailor L Side, Ball Side, Behind, 1/4 L Shuffle Fwd, Paddle 1/2 Turn L
1&2Step L behind R, step R beside L, step L to left side
&3,4Step R beside L, Step L to L side, Step R behind L
5&61/4 turn L step L fwd, step R beside L, Step fwd L. (12 o’clock)
7,8Weight on L, ¼ turn L tap R to R side, 1/4 turn L tap R to R side (6 o’clock)
*Restart here on walls 2 & 6 (see note)

Section 3 [17-24] Cross Samba R, Cross Side, Sailor 1/4 L, Ball Step Fwd, Brush Tap
1&2Cross R over L, side Rock L, rec R
3,4Cross L over R, Step R to R side
5&61/4 turn L place L behind R, step R beside L, step L fwd
&7&8Step R beside L, Step fwd L, Brush R fwd, Tap R Toe fwd (3 o’clock)

Section 4 [25-32] Twist Heels, Kick R, Coaster R, Ball Step ½ L, Step ¼ L
1&2Twist both heels out, bring in & kick R fwd
3&4Step back R, step L beside R, step R fwd
&5,6Step L beside R, step R fwd pivot 1/2 L (9 o’clock)
7,8Step fwd R, pivot 1/4 L (6 o’clock)

*Restarts: Walls 2 & 6, after 16 counts, you will be facing 12 o’clock

Contact: - - 07825046783
Submitted by - David Thomas:

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