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Let Your Love Flow AB

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Absolute Beginner
Sue Wellesley-Davies (NZ) - April 2020
Let Your Love Flow - The Bellamy Brothers
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Section 1: Step R, Kick L, Step L , Tap R x 2
1-4Step R foot to the R, kick across in front with the L foot, replace L foot beside R and tap R foot next to L

Section 2: Vine Right and Left
1-4Step R foot to the R, step L foot slightly behind R, step R foot to the R, tap L foot next to right.
5-8Step L foot to the L, step R foot slightly behind L, step L foot to the L, tap R foot next to left.

Section 3: Walk forward and kick, walk back, touch back
1-4Walk forward – R, L, R, then kick L foot forward
5-8Walk back – L, R, L, touch R foot behind

Section 4: Step Kick, Step Tap, Side Taps
1-4Step fwd on R foot, kick L foot fwd, step back on L, tap R beside L
5-8Step R foot to R side, tap L foot next to R, Step L foot to L side, tap R foot next to L

Repeat (No tags or re-starts)

THIS DANCE WAS CHOREOGRAPHED TO TEACH AT A WEDDING ON FEBRUARY 14TH 2020 -needed to be simple, but fun and is also a good dance for absolute beginners.

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