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Starts With an I, Ends With a U

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Sandra Schuler (CH) - July 2020
I Got a Feelin' - Billy Currington : (Album: Billy Currington, 2003)
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Starts after 16 counts

Section 1: Cross, ¼-Turn r with Back, Chassé r, Rocking Chair
1, 2RF cross over LF, ¼-Turn r with LF back 3
3&4RF Step to right side, put LF next to RF, RF Step to right side
5, 6LF Step forward, Recover weight on RF
7, 8LF Step back, Recover weight on RF

Section 2 : ½-TripleTurn r, ½-TripleTurn r, ½-StepTurn r, Side, Touch
1&2¼ Turn r with LF to left side, put RF next to LF, ¼-Turn r with LF back 9
3&4¼ Turn r with RF to right side, put LF next to RF, ¼-Turn r with RF Step forward 3
5, 6LF Step forward, ½-pivot Turn r (ending weight on RF) 9
7, 8LF Step to left side, tap RF next to LF
Section 3: Side, Together, Shuffle forward, Side, Together, Shuffle forward
1, 2RF Step to right side, put LF next to RF
3&4RF Step forward, put LF next to RF, RF Step forward
5, 6LF Step to left side, put RF next to LF
7&8LF Step forward, put RF next to LF, LF Step forward
Here Restart in round 4 (12 o‘clock)

Section 4: Forward Rock, Side Rock, Jazzbox
1, 2RF Step forward, recover weight on LF
3, 4RF Step to right side, recover weight on LF
5, 6, 7, 8RF cross over LF, LF back, RF Step to right side, LF small Step forward

Swiss-Folk-alternative-Music: I Ha Es Meitschi Gha von Heimweh (Album: Heimweh, 2016)
Phrase to this one:
Tag (= repeat Section 4) after Runde 2 (6 o‘clock), 5 (9 o‘clock) und 7 (3 0‘clock)
Restart in round 3 (after 16 counts, 3 o‘clock)

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