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Buzzed On Loving You

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Sandra Schuler (CH) - November 2020
Buzzed on Loving You - John Thibodeaux : (Album : Moments Like This - 2018)
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Section 1 : Cross, Point, Cross, Point, ¼-Turn r with Together, Flick, ForwardRock
1, 2Cross RF over LF, Point LF to left side
3, 4Cross LF over RF, Point RF to right side
5, 6¼-Turn r/put RF next to LF, Flick LF backwards - 3
7, 8Rock LF forward, Recover onto RF
(Option: you can do a Snap to the Points and Flick)

Section 2 : Back-Lock-Back, ½-ToeStrut-Turn r, ¼-StepTurn r, Cross, Brush
1 & 2Step LF backwards, lock RF over LF, Step LF backwards
3, 4Touch R Toe backwards, Drop heel down with a ½-Turn r - 9
5, 6Step LF forward, Pivot ¼-Turn r - 12
7, 8Cross LF over RF, Swing RF forward (ball touches the ground)
Here Restart in round 3 (6 o'clock)

Section 3 : Syncopated Jazzbox with Cross, Touch, Chassé r, BackRock
1,2 & 3,4Cross RF over LF, Step LF backwards, Step RF to right side, Cross LF over RF,Touch RF next to LF
5 & 6Step RF to right side, put LF next to RF, Step RF to right side
7, 8Rock LF backwards, Recover onto RF

Section 4: HingeTurn r ( ¼-Turn r Back, ½-Turn r Step), ½-TripleTurn r, BackRock, Kick-Ball-Step
1, 2¼-Turn r with LF step backwards, ½-Turn r with RF step forward - 9
3 & 4¼-Turn r with LF step to left side, put RF next to LF , ¼-Turn r mit LF step backwards - 3
5, 6Rock RF backwards, Recover onto LF
7 & 8Kick RF forward, put RF (Ball) next to LF, Step LF forward

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