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Party On The Beach

( 10 Stimmen)
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Improver Country Cha Cha
Sandra Schuler (CH) - May 2021
Party On The Beach - Brian Kelley : (Album: BK's Wave Pack, 2021)
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Starts after 16 counts

Section 1: Walk, Walk, ScissorStep, HingeTurn (¼-Turn r/Back, ¼-Turn r/Side), Side-Rock (with sway)
1, 2RF forward, LF forward
3&4RF to right side, put LF next to RF, cross RF over LF
5, 6¼-turn r/LF back, ¼-turn r/RF to right side 6
7, 8LF to left side, weight back on RF (with sway)

Section 2: Side, Behind, ¼-Turn l/Shuffle Forward, Forward-Rock, Back, Sweep
1, 2LF to left side, cross RF behind LF
3&4¼-turn l/LF forward, put RF next to LF, LF forward 3
5, 6RF forward, weight back on LF
7, 8RF long step back, Sweep LF back (without putting your foot down)

Section 3: ¼-Turn l/Back, Back, Shuffle forward, ¼-StepTurn l twice (with sway)
1, 2¼-turn l/LF back, RF back 12
3&4LF forward, put RF next to LF, LF forward
5, 6RF forward, pivot-¼-turn l (with sway) 9
7, 8RF forward, pivot-¼-turn l (with sway) 6
Here Restart in round 3 and 6 (both 12 o'clock)

Section 4 : Cross-Rock, Chassé r, Forward-Rock, ¼-SailorTurn l
1, 2cross RF over LF, weight back on LF
3&4RF to right side, put LF next to RF, RF to right side
5, 6LF forward, weight back on RF
7&8cross LF behind RF, ¼-turn l/stepping RF beside LF, LF forward 3

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