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Absolute Beginner
Ria Vos (NL) - July 2021
KESI (Remix) - Camilo & Shawn Mendes
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Intro: 16 Counts

Walk, Walk, Hip Bump Fwd 2x, ½ Turn L Hip Bump Fwd x2, Walk, Walk
1-2Walk Fwd R, Walk Fwd L
3&4Step R Fwd Bumping R Hip Fwd, Recover, Bump R Hip Fwd (weight on R)
5&6½ Turn L Bump L Hip Fwd, Recover, Bump L Hip Fwd (weight on L)
7-8Walk Fwd R, Walk Fwd L

Out-Out, In-In (x2)
1-2Step Fwd and Out on R, Step Fwd and Out on L
(option: push hands up to R Side, then L Side)
3-4Step R Back to Center, Step L Next to R
5-6Repeat Count 1-4

Bump R x2, Bump L x2, Bump R-L-R-L
1&2Step R to R Side Bumping R to R Side, Recover, Bump R to R Side
3&4Bump L to L Side, Recover, Bump L to L Side
5-6Step R in Place Bumping R, Step L in Place Bumping L
7-8Step R in Place Bumping R, Step L in Place Bumping L
Option 5-8: Bend your Knees going Down and Up again

Jazz Box, Jazz Box ¼ Turn R
1-2Cross R Over L, Step Back on L
3-4Step R to R Side, Step Fwd on L
5-6Cross R Over L, ¼ Turn R Step Back on L
7-8Step R to R Side, Step Fwd on L

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2021 23 JUL 4
Lucichryz July 18, 2021

alisonjo July 28, 2021
My beginners love this and the main class enjoy as a warm up xx

Wiwiek Johan January 16, 2022

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