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La Vita E Bella

( 2 Stimmen)
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Sandra Schuler (CH) - February 2024
La vita è bella - Giovanni Zarrella : (Album : La vita è bella)
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Starts after 16 counts with the lyrics

Section 1 Walk, Walk, Cross Samba, Cross, ¼-Turn l/Back, Chassé l
1, 2step RF forward, step LF forward
3 & 4cross RF over LF, step LF to left side, recover weight on RF
5, 6cross LF over RF, turn ¼ left stepping RF backward (9 o‘clock)
7 & 8step LF to left side, put RF next to LF, step LF to left side

Section 2 Cross, Side, ¼-SailorTurn r, ½-StepTurn r, Step, Touch
1, 2cross RF over LF, step LF to left side
3 & 4cross RF behind LF, turn ¼ right stepping LF next to RF (12 o‘clock), step RF forward
5, 6step LF forward, turn ½ right on both feet (weight at the end on RF, 6 o‘clock)
7, 8step LF forward, touch RF beside LF
Here restart in wall 2 (9 o‘clock) und wall 6 (12 o‘clock)

Section 3 Dorothy-Step, Skate l, Skate r, Shuffle forward, ½-StepTurn l
1, 2 &step RF diagonal r forward, lock LF behind RF, step RF diagonal r forward
3, 4skate LF forward, skate RF forward
5 & 6step LF forward, put RF next to LF , put LF forward
7, 8step RF forward, turn ½ left on both feet (weight at the end on LF, 12 o‘clock)

Section 4 SideRock Cross, SideRock Step, ½-Turn l/Back, ¼-Turn l/Side, RockStep forward
1 & 2step RF to right side, revover weight on LF, cross RF over LF
3 & 4step LF to left side, recover weight on RF, step LF forward
5, 6turn ½ left stepping RF backward, turn ¼ left stepping LF to left side (3 o‘clock)
7, 8step RF forward, recover weight on LF

Tag at the end of wall 4 (3 o‘clock):
Step, Touch, Back, Touch
1, 2step RF forward, touch LF beside RF
3, 4step LF backward, touch RF beside LF

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