Midnight Ride CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Count: 32Wall: 2Level: Improver Contra / Single

Choreographer: Annemarie Dunn (Sept 2014)

Music: Do It Like This by Chase Rice

START after 32counts - NO TAGS, NO RESTARTS

***This linedance is designed to be a 2wall contra dance but can also be done As a regular 2 wall linedance

Two steps w/ R heel twist, 2 steps w/ L heel twist
1-2, 3-4big step R (slight R diagonal) – step L nxt to R, Twist heels out R- back in
5-6, 7-8big step L (slight L diagonal) - step R nxt to L, Twist heels out L – back in

Backward step w/ ¼ L turn step, ¼ L turn step fwd, untwist ½ L turn
1-2, 3-4R step back-hold, ¼ L turn step L-hold
5-6, 7-8R step fwd-hold, untwist ½ L turn with weight ending on R

Out-Out In-In, heel switches
1-2, 3-4L step out to L side - R step out to R side, L step in – R step in
5-6, 7-8L heel-L step nxt to R - R heel-R step nxt to L

L fwd lockstep, ½ L fire hydrant turn
1-2-3-4L-R-L-hold (L step fwd-R behind L- L step fwd – hold)
5-6, 7-8hitch R knee w/ ¼ L turn (2x) (6:00)

Created 09/13/2014

Contact: wordinmotionap2g@yahoo.com