Somebody CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Count: 32Wall: 2Level: Intermediate

Choreographer: Gail A. Dawson [3/2015]

Music: Somebody by Natalie La Rose (Ft. Jeremih)

Intro: 40 counts - No Tags, No Restarts

Walk, Walk, Kick ball point, ½ Turn, Point, Kick, Step, Point
1-2Step R forward, step L forward
3&4R kick, step down beside L, L point to L
5&6Hitch L turning ½ to L, step L next to R, step R to R
7&8R kick, step down beside L, L point L

Kick, Step, Point, Turning Jazz Box, Hip Bumps
1&2L kick, step down beside R, R point to R
3-4Cross R over L, L steps back
&5-6R steps turning ¼ to L, L steps slightly forward, hold
7&8Hip bumps L,R,L

Toe Switches, Hitch ¼ Turn, Weave
1&2&Touch R toe to R, step R beside L, touch L toe to L, step L beside R
3&4Touch R toe forward, step R beside L, touch L toe back
5&6L hitch turning ¼ L, step L down next to R, touch R to R
7&8Step R behind L, step L to L, cross R over L

Rock, Recover, Sailor Turn, Toe, Hip Rolls
1-2Rock L to L, shift weight back to R
3&4Cross L behind R, step R beside L turning ¼ L, step L slightly forward
5-6Step R toe forward, hold
7-8Two hip rolls turning ¼ to L