35 MPH Town CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Count: 80Wall: 2Level: Improver

Choreographer: Dwight Birkjær (April 2015)

Music: 35 mph Town by Toby Keith

Intro 32 count. Seq: A-A-TAG-A-A-TAG8-B-B-B-A-A-TAG-A

A part: 48 counts
A1: Weave left ¼ turn left, Full turn left, Stomp
1-4Cross R over L, L to side, R behind, ¼ turn left stepping L fwd. (9)
5-8¼ turn left, step R to side, ½ turn left step L to side, ¼ turn left step R to side, stomp L

A2: Heel Switches L-R, Kick, Stomp, Twist heels
1-4L heel tap, L in place, R heel tap, R in place (9)
5-8Kick L, stomp L fwd., twist heels out left, center heels ( weight op L) (9)

A3: Kick, Stomp, Twist heels, Heel Switches L-R
1-4Kick R, stomp R fwd., twist heels out right, center heels (9)
5-8R heel tap, R in place, L heel tap, touch L beside L (9)

A4: Step, Touch, Back, kick, Sailor ½ turn left, Hold
1-4Step L fwd., touch R toe behind L, step back R, kick L (9)
5-8Touch L behind R, ½ turn left step R beside L, step L fwd., hold (3)

A5: Heel rock, ½ turn right, Heel rock, Toe strut ½ turn right, Toe strut ¼ turn right
1-4Rock fwd. on R heel, recover L, ½turn right rock R fwd., recover L (9)
5-8R Toe strut ½ turn right (3), L toe strut ¼ turn right (6)

A6: Sailor step right – left, Scuff
1-4Step R behind L, L beside R, step R to side, hold (6)
5-8Step L behind R, R beside L, step L to side, scuff R (6)

B part: 32 counts
B1: Jump out, Cross, ½ Turn left, Jump back L kick R, Stomp, Stomp
1-4Jump out RL, Jump in cross R in front, heel bounds ¼ ¼ turn left
5-8Jump back L kick R, recover R, stomp L beside R, stomp L fwd.

B2: Twist Heel left, Coaster, Scuff
1-4Twist heels out left center x2
5-8Step back l, R beside L, step L fwd., scuff R

B3: Full Spiral turn right, Kick, Coaster,
1-4Step R fwd. turning ¼ right, step back L hook R in front making 3/4 turn, step R fwd.,
5-8Kick L, Step back L, R beside L, step L fwd.,

B4: Heel ½ turn, Heel ½ turn, Coaster, Scuff
1-4Step fwd. R heel, ½ turn left ( weight L), step fwd. R heel, ½ turn left ( weight R)
5-8Step back L, R beside L, step L fwd., scuff R

Tag (the last 16 count off B part is also the Tag)

Contact: dwightgoldwing@gmail.com