Angelina Easy CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Count: 16Wall: 4Level: Ultra Beginner

Choreographer: Leif Kristiansen – July 2015

Music: Angelina - Lou Bega

#16 count,

Vine Right, Vine Left
1 - 2Step right to right, left behind right
3 - 4Step right to right, touch left
4 - 5Step left to left, right behind left
6 - 7Step left to left, touch right

Walk Forward, R,L,R 1/4 Turn Right, Hitch, Walk Back R,LR, Touch
1 - 2Step forward right, step forward left
3 - 4turn right to right, hitch left
5 - 6Step back on left, step back on right
7 - 8Step back on left touch right next to left

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