Drink You Up CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Count: 32Wall: 2Level: Improver

Choreographer: Benjamin Balisky & Jessica Southern - March 2016

Music: Drink You Up by Eli Young Band

START after 32 cts at lyrics

S1: Point & heel & heel & point, step-point, step-sweep
1&2&3&4R side point-R step nxt to L-L heel-L step nxt to R-R heel-R step nxt to L-L side point
5-6, 7-8L step nxt to R – R side point, R step nxt to L – L sweep to back (into nxt sailor in S2)

S2: L Sailor step, L Full turn, “Heel grind”rock-step, step-touch-hold
1&2(from sweep) L behind R - R step slightly to R side - L side step
3-4½ L turn onto R back step – ½ L turn onto L fwd step
5-6&7-8R “heel” weight fwd-recover weight on L, R step nxt to L-L back touch-hold

S3: ½ L turn, Triple step (opt Full L turn), Rock-step, step-touch-step
1-2¼ L turn onto L step- ¼ L turn onto R step (6:00)
3&4Fwd L-R-L steps (opt Full L turn on triple steps)
5-6&7-8R fwd step – recover weight on L, R step nxt to L- L back touch- L step

S4: 2 back walks, R coaster step, R full turn, step-tap
1-2, 3&4 2walks back R-L, R back step-L step together w/ R- R fwd step
5-6, 7-8½ R turn onto L back step – ½ R turn onto R fwd step, L fwd step-R toe tap nxt to L (6:00)

Created 02/25/16 stepsheet by Annemarie Dunn
Contact: wordinmotionap2g@yahoo.com

Last Update - 19th April 2016