Anthem CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Count: 32Wall: 4Level: Intermediate

Choreographer: Lieren King – May 2016

Music: "Anthem" by Thomas Rhett

START after 16 cts at lyrics

S1: Crossed Rocking chair, ½ L Pivot, Weave, R fwd Rock-step, ½ R turn
1&2&, 3&R Fwd step crossed over L - recover on L - R back-recover on L, R fwd ½ L turn onto L (6:00)
4&5&6&R side step – L touch, L side step – R touch
7&8&Rotate ½ R turn stepping R-L-R-L (12:00)
***RESTART wall 4

S2: 2 Hip roll-bumps, 2 step-touches, Kick-cross-1/2 L Unwind
1-2, 3-4R side step w/ clockwise hiproll - R bump, counterclockwise hiproll - L bump
5&, 6&R side step - L touch, L side step - R touch
7&8R kick – R crossed ball touch – ½ L unwind turn (6:00 keep weight on L)

S3: R fwd Triple Lock-step, 2 R ½ pivots(full turn), L Grapevine-step, Heel-toe Swivels
1&2, 3&4&R fwd – L behind R – R fwd, L fwd ½ R pivot turn onto R (2X)
5&6&L side step – R cross behind L – L side step – R step nxt to L
7&8&Heels swivel R – toes swivel R – heels swivel R – toes swivel R

S4: 2 Side-Rock-crosses, R slide, ¼ L turning Sailor step, Jump
1&2, 3&4R side step – recover on L – R cross step over L, L side step – recover on R – L cross step over R
5, 6&7, 8Big side step to R, L step behind R – ¼ R turn ont R – L fwd step, Jump fwd

RESTART @ wall 4 after 8cts

Created 03/17/16 stepsheet by Annemarie Dunn -