T-Shirt CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Count: 64Wall: 4Level: Improver

Choreographer: Jean Welser – Sept 2016

Music: Thomas Rhett – T-Shirt

#32 count intro (after drums); start on lyrics.

Alternate music is “Bad Moon Rising” sung by Credence Clearwater Revival;
Alternate Song Is Slightly Slower And Has No Restarts Or Tags.

1,2,3,4Quarter right Monterey
5,6,7,8Right heel in front, replace, left heel in front, replace
1,2,3,4Point right toe behind left foot, replace, point left toe behind right foot, replace
5,6,7,8Stomp right foot twice; hitch it, and stomp again with right

1,2,3,4Two “sort of” apple jacks (heel right, toe left and reverse)
1,2,3,4Vine to right (right, left, right) hitch and make ¼ turn right with hitch
5,6,7,8Step (or stomp) in place left, right, left, and hold

1,2,3,4Point right to side and replace, point left to side and replace
5,6,7,8Point (or heel) right to front and replace, point left behind and replace
1,2,3,4Kick right foot diagonally left, hook right over left foot, kick right forward, then back to right
5,6,7,8Raise right foot to rt. side and slap(5) with right hand, replace foot; repeat slap (7) and replace

1,2,3,4Vine right (r,l,r) three steps and hold
5,6,7,8Turn right ¼ turn on ball of foot; left rocking chair (step forward left, in place right, step back left, step right)
1-2,3-4Make full circle left - left, hold; right, hold
5-6,7-8Left, hold; right, touch and hold. Be ready to start Monterey again with right.

Second wall after 32 counts (after vine and three steps in place) facing 3:00
Fourth wall after 32 counts facing 6:00
Eighth wall after 32 counts facing 3:00

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