Country Swagger CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Count: 32Wall: 4Level: High Beginner

Choreographer: Connor Purcell – Sept 2016

Music: Love Me in a Field by Luke Bryan

Starts after 32 count intro - With No Tags Or Restarts.

First 8: Kick ball change Right, Kick Ball Change Left, Right Sailor Step, Left Sailor Step
1&2Kick Right forward, Step ball of Right beside Left, Point Left to Left side.
3&4Kick Left forward, Step ball of Left beside Right, Point Right to Right side.
5&6Cross Right behind Left – Step Left to Left Side – Step Right to Right side.
7&8Cross Left behind Right – step Right to Right side – step Left to Left side.

Second 8: Sway hips Right Left shuffle Right to the side. Sway hips Left Right shuffle Left to the Left side.
1&2Sway hips right then left.
3&4Step Right Foot to the Right Side, Step Left Foot to the Right side next to Right foot, then step Right foot to Right side.
5&6Sway hips Left than Right.
7&8Step Left Foot to the Left Side, Step Right Foot to the Left side next to Left foot, then step Left foot to Left side.

Third 8: Charleston Right, Right Toe, Left Toe, Right Heel, Left Heel
1&2Swing Right around to Touch Forward,Swing Right back around and step Right next to Left.
3&4Swing Left around to Touch to Back, Left around and step Left next to Right.
5&6Touch Right Toe forward, then Touch Left Toe forward.
7&8Touch Right Heel Fordward then Left Heel Forward.

Fourth 8: Half turn over left shoulder, quater turn over the left shoulder, right jazz box.
1&2Step right foot forward then turn over left shoulder for a 1/2 turn.
3&4Step right foot forward then a 1/4 turn to the left.
5&6Cross right over left, step left back.
7&8Step right to side, step left together.