Tell Me the Truth CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Count: 80Wall: 4Level: Phrased Intermediate

Choreographer: Brenda Shatto (USA) October, 2016

Music: Who Did You Love - Arianna & Flo Rida - Length 3:10, ~109 bp m

Note: One easy 4 count Tag. – Phrasing: ABB Tag ABB BBB
Intro: 16 counts, 09 seconds. Start with weight on left and R foot touching to right side.

A: 48 counts (danced facing 12:00 wall both times)
A[1-8] Hold, slide, hitch, rock, recover, chasse 1/8 turn right, cross L, 1/8 turn left step side R
1&2Hold (1), slide R into L (&), hitch R straight up (2)
3,4Rock R across L (3), recover L (4)
5&6Step R to right (5), step L next to R (&), ⅛ turn right step forward R (6) [1:30]
7,8Step L forward (7), ⅛ turn left step R to side(8) [12:00]

A[9-16] Hold, ball-cross, hold, side, behind, ¼ turn left lock forward, kick-ball-step
1&2Hold (1), step L slightly inward (&), cross R over L (2)
3&4Hold (3), step L to left (&), cross R behind L (4)
5&6¼ turn left and step forward L (5), lock right behind L (&), step L forward (6) [9:00]
7&8Kick R forward (7), rock slightly back on R (&), step L in place (8)

A[17-24] Cross, side, sailor ¼ turn right, walk, walk, chase ½ turn right
1,2Cross R over L (1), step L to left (2)
3&4Cross R behind L starting ¼ turn right (3), step L to left finishing ¼ turn right (&), step forward on R (7) [12:00]
5,6Walk forward L (5), walk forward R (6) *Optional full turn right in place of walks
7&8Step forward L (7), ½ turn right and step R slightly in front of L (&), step forward L (8) [6:00]

A[25-32] Touch across, rock back, recover, cross, side, behind, rock back, recover, rock back, recover
1,2&3Touch R across L (1), rock R back and to right diagonal (2), recover to L (&), Step R across L (3)
4,5Step L to left (4), Cross R behind L (face right diagonal) (5) [7:30]
6&7Rock back L to left diagonal (6), rock forward to R (&), Rock back L to left diagonal (7)
8Recover to R (8) Hit the lyrics with counts 5-8, “I don’t want no one.”

A[33-40] Step drag x2, full turn right with sweep
1-4Big step forward ⅛ turn left on L (1), drag ball of R to L (2), step forward R (3), drag ball of L to R (4) [6:00]
5-8Step forward L (5), ½ turn right weight right (6), continue another ½ turn right on R step L back (7), sweep R front to back (8)

A[41-48] Behind, ¼ left forward, forward, ¾ left step side, behind, ¼ right forward, pencil ½ right, step
(This section resembles steps in Cruisin’)
1-4Cross R behind L (1), turn ¼ left forward on L (2), forward R (3), turn ¾ left weight to L (4) [6:00]
5-8Step R to right (5), cross L behind R (6), turn ¼ right forward on R (7), pencil turn ½ right on R and step L next to R (8) [3:00]

B: 32 counts (4 walls; first time start at 3:00 and rotates to right each new wall.)
[1-8] R samba, L samba, volta circle 1/2 turn right
1&2Cross R forward (1), rock L to side (&), recover to R (2)
3&4Cross L forward (3), rock R to side (&), recover to L (4)
5&6&Cross R forward (5), rock L to left beginning ½ turn right (&), cross R forward (6), rock L to left (&)
7&8Cross R forward (7), rock L to left finishing ½ turn right (&), step R forward (this turn should travel) (8) [9:00]

[9-16] L forward mambo, R coaster, L lock step, ¼ turn left slide, drag to close
1&2Rock forward L (1), recover R (&), step L next to R (2)
3&4Step back R (3), Step L next to R (&), step forward R (4)
5&6Step forward L (5), lock R behind L (&), step forward L (6)
7,8Turn ¼ left and big step right on R (7), drag L to R (8) [6:00]

[17-24] Back L, R with sweeps, left coaster, ½ turn left back digs R, L, R, back L
1,2Step back L sweep R front to back (1), Step back R sweep left front to back (2)
3&4Step back L (3), Step R next to L (&), step forward L and prep for turn (4)
5,6½ turn left DIG (see below) ball of R and roll toe-heel (5), dig back on L (6) [12:00]
7,8Dig back on R (7), dig back on L (8)

[25-32] Rock, recover, ½ turn left, side, jazz box
1-4Cross rock R behind L (1), ⅛ turn right recover to L [1:30] (2), ½ turn left step back on R (3), ⅛ turn left step L to left (4) [6:00]
5-8Cross R over L (5), step L back (6), step R to side (7), small step forward L (8)

Tag: Starts facing 9:00 after finishing second B section.
1-4Cross R over L, unwind to left ¾ turn [12:00], end with weight on L and R touching to right side.
Continue with part A.

Ending: The last B starts at 3:00. You will dance the whole wall. During the last 6 counts of the dance
substitute a 1⅛ turn left for counts 3-4 and complete the jazz box to the 12:00 wall as follows:
3,4½ turn left step back on R (3), turn ⅝ left step forward on L (4) [12:00]
5-8Cross R over L (5), step L back (6), step R to side (7), step forward L (8)

Definition of DIG : to touch the ball (or heel) of the free foot to the floor with a strong emphasis.

Thank you for your interest in my dance. I hope it brings you joy. ~Brenda
Please do not alter this step sheet in any way. If you would like to use it on your website, it must be used in
its original format. Contact the choreographer with your questions. ~