Show Me Whatcha' Got CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Count: 32Wall: 4Level: Intermediate

Choreographer: Eric Mosley – Jan 2017

Music: What U Workin' With - Gwen Stefani & Justin Timberlake

Step touch, Step touch, Kickball cross, hold, hop cross,hold
1,2,3,4Side step L to left side,touch R next to L
5,6,7Side step R to right side, touch left next to left, Left Kick ball, cross R over L, hold,
&8hop cross, hold. (Restart happens here on wall 10}

Side Lunge, ¼ Back pivot Hitch, Rock recover, Step Touch (2x), R side step
1&2L side lunge, R heel down take weight, ¼ pivot back to the left, L hitch
3&4L back step, Lock R over L, L back step,
5&6&7&8R rock back, recover L, R forward ¼ pivot to the left, step R, Touch L next to R, Left side step, touch R next to Left, R step to right side, take weight

Two 3 count Jazz Boxes (backward steps), ¼ back Chasse turn L,R,L
1,2,3,4Cross L over R, R back step, L back step
5,6Cross R over L, L back step, R back step
7&8Cross L over R, R back step ¼ pivot over left shoulder, back step L

Rock and step, Step Lock Step, Rock fwd, Rock back, Step,Pivot,Step
1&2R rock back, recover L, Fwd R step
3&4L step, lock R behind Left, Left fwd step
5&6&R rock fwd, recover L, R rock back recover L
7&8R fwd ¼ pivot to left, step Right (add 4ct tags after, walls 2 & 5)
*4th sequence w/ Tag, should count (1&2, 3&4, 5&6&7&8 - 1&2&3&4)

TAG: 4 count:
Point and Point and ¼ pivot Point, Step, Touch
1&2&Right point to Right, and Left point to Left, ¼ pivot point to the Left to Left, Step
3&4Right, Touch Left next to Right (weight on the R foot to start again)
(On the repetitive Lyrics “ain’t about, ain’t about, It ain’t about what you got”)

Restart: On the 10th Wall, do first 8counts (See Below), then Restart
{Immediately after you hear the Lyrics “ Like it’s something that you stole”. (Restart)}