Booty To The Floor AB CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Count: 32Wall: 4Level: Absolute Beginner

Choreographer: Lisa McCammon; October 2017

Music: Daisy Dukes And Cowboy Boots by Cowboy Troy; CD King Of Clubs; 128 bpm

#16 count intro - Counterclockwise rotation; start weight on L

This dance can be an easy floor split for other dances to this track. I have chosen to ignore the Restart because beginner dancers are unlikely to hear it, and the beat is strong enough for them to follow without it. However, if instructors prefer, the Restart occurs after 16 counts (the bumps) during the 4th repetition, starting and Restarting facing [3].
Dedicated to ADG777.

1-4Step R forward to right diagonal, touch L home, step L back to left diagonal, touch R home
5-8Step R back to right diagonal, touch L home, step L forward to left diagonal, touch R home (wt L)

1-2Stepping right to side, bump hips twice to right
3-4Swaying onto L, bump hips twice to left
5-8Bump hips R, L, R, L (wt L)

1-4Step R forward to right diagonal, step L to side, step R back to center, close L
5-8Repeat previous 4 (wt L)

1-4Step R to side, close L, step R to side, touch L home
5-8Step L to side, close R, turn left ¼ [9] stepping forward L, touch R home (wt L)

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